Benefits of Automated Reservation Software

Discover the advantages of streamlining your booking process with automated reservation software. Simplify scheduling, eliminate double bookings, and enhance customer satisfaction for your business.

In the hospitality industry, managing reservations, bookings, and customer experiences can be a daunting task. However, with the advent of advanced software solutions, these tasks are continuously being simplified. This article reviews five top reservation management systems, which include Cloudbeds, innRoad, Vagaro, the Flybook, and SevenRooms—highlighting their specifications and cost.


Cloudbeds is a comprehensive bed and breakfast software designed for independent properties. It is a complete property management system (PMS) equipped with a channel manager, booking system, and more. Cloudbeds eliminates the hassle of manual tasks, allowing you to concentrate on enhancing your guests' experience. It keeps your booking engine, property management system, and OTA channels synchronized. Offering a connection to over 300 online booking sites and travel agencies, it ensures real-time management of all your reservation channels. Cloudbeds also facilitates direct bookings on your website or Facebook page, and it provides immediate and secure reservations online. The software is user-friendly, and Cloudbeds offers a dedicated onboarding coach to guide you through the setup process. The cost of Cloudbeds can be obtained by requesting a demo online.


innRoad provides a secure online hotel booking engine, allowing guests to make reservations conveniently on your website. The software ensures a seamless booking experience, displaying the rates sent to OTAs to reassure guests they're getting the best deal. innRoad’s mobile hotel booking engine is optimized for all mobile devices. Additionally, the software allows guests to view your entire availability by room and date. innRoad also provides an opportunity to increase revenue by offering additional on-brand products or experiences. The cost of innRoad can be obtained by getting a quote online and booking a demo.


Vagaro is an online booking software that offers a streamlined booking experience. The software allows clients to book appointments or classes via various platforms. Vagaro provides online appointment settings that regulate cancellation and rescheduling, set appointment search intervals, and list service providers. It also protects businesses from lost revenue by charging no-show and cancellation fees. The cost of Vagaro starts at $25, depending on the number of locations.

The Flybook

The Flybook provides an advanced booking software solution for businesses offering tours, rentals, activities, and lodging. It offers online scheduling and reservations, digital waivers, guide assignment, automated communications, and more. The Flybook allows you to manage your team and your website in the same system, reducing manual work. It also provides a virtual lineup of rental equipment and integrates a POS system for online and in-house payments. The cost of The Flybook can be obtained by scheduling a demo online.


SevenRooms provides a restaurant reservation system that allows businesses to control the entire guest journey. The software captures guest data, creates guest profiles, and offers direct reservations across various channels. SevenRooms also manages online availability across booking channels and allows customization of reservations. Additionally, it enables businesses to hold deposits or charge for no-shows. SevenRooms’ reservation software also allows reservation data and table inventory sharing across your organization. The cost of SevenRooms can be obtained by scheduling a demo online.

Reservation management systems like Cloudbeds, innRoad, Vagaro, the Flybook, and SevenRooms have revolutionized the hospitality industry by automating manual tasks and enhancing customer experience. Each of these software solutions comes with unique features that cater to different needs, and it’s essential to choose one that aligns with your business goals. However, regardless of your choice, these systems offer the promise of improved efficiency, increased revenue, and superior guest satisfaction.