Hands-On Success: Navigating the Best Massage Therapy Programs

Discover the top massage therapy programs that offer hands-on training and prepare you for success in the growing field of massage therapy. Choose the right program to launch your career and achieve your professional goals.

The journey to becoming a proficient massage therapist is paved with dedication, learning, and the right educational foundation. The field of massage therapy offers a multitude of benefits not only to clients seeking relief from pain and stress but also to the therapists who find fulfillment in their ability to heal and comfort. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into several esteemed massage therapy programs that stand out for their unique offerings, hands-on training, and commitment to preparing students for a successful career in massage therapy.

Carrington College


Carrington College is an institution that understands the importance of comprehensive education in the field of massage therapy. With a mission to prepare students for promising careers, Carrington College offers a Certificate of Achievement that can be obtained in as few as 9 months.

With many classes to guide you, you’re certain to be prepared for your career.

Carrington College's curriculum is designed to cover every aspect necessary for a well-rounded massage therapy education. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or looking to enhance your skills, the program's diverse class offerings ensure that you are well-prepared for the demands of the profession.

Conveniently available at six of our campuses.

Accessibility is key, and Carrington College makes it a point to offer its massage therapy program at six different campuses. This allows for greater convenience for students across different geographical locations.

Affordable tuition varies by program and location.

The college is dedicated to providing affordable education. While tuition may vary depending on the program and campus location, the college strives to offer competitive rates that can fit into students' budgets.

What will I learn?

The massage therapy program at Carrington College is comprehensive, focusing on:

  • Hands-on massage therapy practice
  • A variety of massage techniques
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Massage therapy principles and techniques

Students will leave with a deep understanding of how to approach massage therapy holistically, tailoring their techniques to meet individual client needs for relaxation, pain relief, injury prevention, and overall well-being.


Carrington College participates in most financial aid programs, including federal and state, as well as private financing. The college's dedicated team is committed to helping every student navigate their unique financial needs to achieve their educational goals.

Arizona School of Integrative Studies


The Arizona School of Integrative Studies (ASIS) takes pride in its holistic approach to massage therapy education, emphasizing personal growth alongside professional development.

Could be the hands-on clinical training.

ASIS ensures that students receive ample hands-on clinical training, which is vital for mastering the art and science of massage therapy.

Perhaps the wide range of massage techniques you’ll come to know as second nature.

ASIS teaches a wide array of massage techniques, ensuring that students are versatile and proficient in their practice.

But it’s probably that at ASIS, you are encouraged to use this program as a tool for both professional development and personal growth.

The program at ASIS is designed to support students not just in their career aspirations but also in their personal journey towards growth and self-awareness.


ASIS offers Federal Financial Aid to those who qualify, VA/GI Bill Benefits, payment plans, and includes AZ State licensing fees and textbooks in the tuition. They also offer a dual certification in Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Assistance, preparing students for diverse opportunities.



The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy (CRSMT) offers an exotic and enriching environment for continuing education in massage therapy.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Program Information.

CRSMT provides NCBTMB-approved Continuing Education Programs that can be completed in 1 to 3 weeks, perfect for those looking to advance their skills in a paradisiacal setting.

Learn cutting-edge massage therapy techniques while vacationing in Costa Rica!

The programs at CRSMT are designed for those who wish to combine education with relaxation, offering courses like modern cupping therapy, shiatsu, thai massage, and more.


Interested students are encouraged to contact CRSMT online for more information regarding costs and program specifics.

Pima Community College


Pima Community College offers a Therapeutic Massage Certificate that equips students with a solid foundation in massage therapy principles.

Upon successful completion of the program, the learner will be able to:

  • Apply concepts of massage therapy modalities and the anatomical relationships to these modalities.
  • Demonstrate ethical therapeutic relationships.
  • Analyze professional development strategies.
  • Demonstrate basic manual skills and techniques of massage therapy.


Prospective students should contact Pima Community College directly to inquire about tuition and financial aid options.

National Holistic Institute


The National Holistic Institute (NHI) offers an 8-month Massage Therapy Career Training Program with a blend of online and on-campus classes.

Massage Therapy has become the most widely used complementary care modality in the United States.

The program at NHI is designed to meet the growing demand for qualified massage therapists by providing hands-on training and practical experience.

The Massage Therapy Training Program at NHI provides:

  • In-depth training in both Western and Eastern massage modalities.
  • Comprehensive business and science classes to ensure well-rounded industry knowledge.


Financial Aid is available for those who qualify, and NHI encourages prospective students to contact their admissions specialist for more detailed pricing information.

The journey to becoming a massage therapist is an enriching path that offers the opportunity to help others while building a fulfilling career. Carrington College, the Arizona School of Integrative Studies, CRSMT, Pima Community College, and the National Holistic Institute each offer unique programs that cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of their students. Whether you are seeking a quick certification, a dual degree, continuing education, or an in-depth training program, these institutions provide the quality education and hands-on experience necessary to thrive in the growing field of massage therapy. With various financial aid options available, embarking on this rewarding career path is within reach for those who are called to the healing power of touch.