Medicare Part D Explained

Get a clear understanding of Medicare Part D and its benefits. Learn about the coverage, costs, enrollment process, and important details to make informed decisions regarding prescription drug coverage for your healthcare needs.

Medicare Part D, also known as the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, is a critical healthcare component designed to help cover the cost of prescription medications. The plan, provided by private insurance companies for a monthly premium, is optional but requires enrollees to have Medicare Part A and/or Part B. This article reviews various Medicare Part D plans offered by Kroger, Medicare Solutions, Humana, Cigna, and Anthem, detailing their unique features, costs, and specifications.


Kroger provides preferred Part C and Part D plans that cater to different lifestyles. The brand offers preferred pharmacy pricing on most major Medicare Part D plans, potentially resulting in co-pays as low as $0. However, delayed enrollment in a Part D plan could lead to permanent financial penalties on your premium. The cost of Kroger’s Part D plans varies.

Medicare Solutions

Medicare Solutions offers a comparison of 2023 Medicare Part D Plans. With $0 Generic Drug Costs, low-cost plans may be available. The brand provides over 900 Part D plans in its network. The cost of each plan depends on the provider and your location.


Humana offers 2024 Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Original Medicare does not include coverage for most prescription drugs, but adding a stand-alone prescription drug plan, also known as Medicare Part D, can provide significant help. Humana offers three Medicare Part D prescription drug plans: the Humana Walmart Value Rx Plan, Humana Premier Rx Plan, and Humana Basic Rx Plan. The brand also provides additional services like preferred cost-sharing pharmacies and a cap on out-of-pocket costs for insulin.


Cigna Healthcare Part D offers personalized prescription drug coverage with a formulary that covers over 3,000 medications common to Medicare customers. The brand offers no-cost programs and services, like savings on LASIK vision correction, Gaiam yoga products, and acupuncture. Eligibility for a Medicare Part D plan with Cigna requires enrollment in Original Medicare Part A and/or B and may also be bundled with some Medicare Advantage plans.


Anthem offers Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans that can help you save money on your medications with low copays and extensive drug coverage. The brand offers standalone Part D Plans and all-in-one plans which include Medicare Advantage (Part C) and Part D prescription drug benefits. The all-in-one plan is popular among individuals who prefer to manage their healthcare and prescriptions with a single plan.

Understanding the nuances of Medicare Part D plans can significantly aid in making informed healthcare decisions. Different brands, including Kroger, Medicare Solutions, Humana, Cigna, and Anthem, offer various plans with unique features and costs. While most plans require enrollees to have Medicare Part A and/or B, the benefits of each plan vary and should be thoroughly considered to ensure an optimal fit for your lifestyle and healthcare needs.