Master the Art of Photography with Online Classes from Experts

Join these online photography classes and take your skills to the next level. These expert instructors will teach you everything you need to know to capture breathtaking images and create stunning compositions. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, these courses are designed to help you achieve your goals and unleash your creativity. Enroll today and start your journey towards becoming a master photographer!

The world of professional photography is constantly evolving, with new technologies and techniques being developed and popularized. For aspiring photographers, it's essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and skills in order to succeed in this competitive field. In this article, we will explore various online programs and platforms that offer digital photography courses, allowing you to hone your skills and create a striking portfolio to advance your career. From established universities to innovative online platforms, there's a course to fit every learner's needs and budget.

Southern New Hampshire University

Specs: Online BA in Digital Photography

Southern New Hampshire University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Photography that aims to help students develop the skills needed to succeed in professional photography. With courses covering graphics and layout in print media, digital narratives and documentary, and lighting for photography, students will learn the latest camera, lighting, and editing technology to create a compelling portfolio. This program offers multiple term starts throughout the year, giving students the flexibility to complete their degree at their own pace. With a focus on affordability, Southern New Hampshire University boasts one of the lowest tuition rates in the nation. For specific cost information, contact the school directly.

Arizona State University

Specs: Online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art – Digital Photography

Arizona State University offers an online Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art with a concentration in digital photography. This program is designed for visual and intuitive thinkers and emphasizes contemporary, creative, and expressive forms of digital photography. Students will engage with creative prompts, study existing work, and participate in critiques to realize their artistic vision. The program consists of 40 classes, with each class lasting 7.5 weeks, totaling 120 credit hours. For specific cost information, contact the school directly.


Specs: History-making photographer Tyler Mitchell teaches you his artistic process for creating compelling images with any kind of camera. Through 11 video lessons (1 hour 30 minutes), students will learn from Tyler Mitchell's groundbreaking work and discover how to create striking portraits, work with natural light and shadow, and tell a compelling story through photos. MasterClass offers a membership model, with pricing starting at $15/month (billed annually) for access to all classes and sessions.

IAP Career College

Specs: Professional Photographer Certificate Course Online

IAP Career College offers a part-time online Professional Photographer Certificate Course, focusing on portrait photography and wedding photography. Students can complete the course in 4 to 12 weeks, learning important principles and practical techniques to start a career as a professional photographer. Topics covered include starting a photography business and getting clients. The course costs $149.00 and graduates will earn a Professional Photographer Certificate from the International Association of Professions Career College.


Specs: Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people. Their photography offerings include classes on DSLR photography, providing students with the knowledge and techniques needed to create professional-quality images. Skillshare's classes include prompts and resources, allowing students to create projects they're proud to share. Collaborate with a growing community of over 8 million creators and unlock the styles and strategies needed for success in today's photography industry. For specific cost information, contact the company directly.

With the wide range of online digital photography courses available, aspiring photographers can find the perfect program to suit their needs, learning style, and budget. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive degree program, a focused certificate course, or a flexible online platform with a variety of classes, there's an option to help you develop your skills and create a striking portfolio. By investing in your education and staying current with the latest technologies and techniques, you'll be well-prepared to succeed in the competitive world of professional photography.