Transform Your Lease Workflow: The Top Lease Management System Solutions

Discover the top lease management system solutions that will revolutionize your lease workflow. Simplify and automate lease processes, improve accuracy, and save time with these cutting-edge solutions. Transform your lease management today.

In today's digital age, lease management has become more complex, requiring efficient systems to handle lease renewals, rent rolls, expense reconciliations, and compliance with accounting standards like ASC 842. Lease management system solutions have become a necessity for businesses, providing an organized, streamlined approach to managing lease-related activities. This article will discuss some top lease management system solutions, including Tango, LeaseQuery, LeaseAccelerator, Occupier, and Odessa, and their respective features and pricing structure.


Tango's lease administration and accounting software incorporates lease accounting and administration to effectively manage all lease-related tasks. It organizes all lease-related information into intuitive dashboards, equipping administrators and finance professionals to easily manage lease accounting schedules, avoid overcharges, maintain compliance with the latest lease accounting standards, and perform lease activities. Key features include my actions, critical dates & status changes, lease items, equipment leases, rent payment, expense reconciliation, tenant/subtenant, accounting compliance, and visualizations. The cost of Tango's software is undisclosed and interested parties are advised to contact the company for pricing information.


LeaseQuery software offers comprehensive lease accounting solutions, ensuring compliance with various accounting standards for leases including ASC 842, GASB 87, IFRS 16, and SFFAS 54. The software provides amortization schedules for the lease liability and ROU asset, journal entries, reports, disclosures, and a knowledgeable support staff. LeaseQuery's LeaseGuru software simplifies accounting for small lease portfolios. The cost for using LeaseQuery is not publicly disclosed and companies are encouraged to book a demo for pricing information.


LeaseAccelerator offers a solution that centralizes and manages asset-level lease data, helping companies comply with evolving accounting standards. It integrates lease accounting, administration, and sourcing to manage the full lease lifecycle. This software helps reduce costs and keeps up with changes across real estate and equipment leases. Pricing information for LeaseAccelerator can be obtained by booking a demo with the company.


Occupier provides an intuitive tenant lease management software designed to align commercial real estate and accounting teams. It is equipped with features that automate monthly journal entries and lease amortization schedules, accelerating expansion goals with transaction management software. The software is built for in-house accounting teams, CPA firms, auditors, real estate teams, and lease administrators. Pricing for Occupier can be obtained by booking a demo with the company.


Odessa offers a cloud-based asset finance solution that combines asset-based functionality, data intelligence, and extensibility in one seamless platform for better business performance. The Odessa Platform is optimized to be consumed in the cloud but can also be hosted on your servers. Pricing information for Odessa can be obtained by booking a demo with the company.

Modern lease management requires efficient, robust, and intuitive systems to manage lease-related activities and ensure compliance with various accounting standards. Tango, LeaseQuery, LeaseAccelerator, Occupier, and Odessa are top solutions that provide varying features catered to different business needs. While pricing for these solutions is not publicly disclosed, companies can contact the respective brands for more detailed information. As the landscape of lease management continues to evolve, these software solutions will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in transforming lease workflows.