Top Online Meeting Platforms for Virtual Collaboration

Explore a curated list of top online meeting platforms that facilitate efficient virtual collaboration. Enhance your remote team's communication and productivity with feature-rich solutions, secure data sharing, and seamless integration possibilities. Choose the ideal platform for your business and unlock the power of virtual meetings today.

In today’s digital age, virtual collaboration has become a necessity. With an increasing number of businesses operating remotely, online meeting platforms have become invaluable tools for communication and collaboration. These platforms offer a range of features such as video conferencing, team messaging, and screen sharing, all designed to enhance productivity and facilitate seamless communication between teams, regardless of their geographical locations. This article explores some of the top online meeting platforms for virtual collaboration, their specifications, and costs.

Ring Central

Ring Central is a versatile cloud-based platform that provides a modern phone system for businesses. It allows users to manage their business calls using their personal devices, with features such as team messaging, video meetings, and custom greetings. The platform's robust admin controls make it easy to configure multiple lines, area codes, and extensions, while its RingCentral Basics plan offers a complete cloud phone system with team messaging included. The cost is based on the chosen package, with several affordable options available. For more information, prospective customers can book a demo online.

Media Site

Media Site is a global leader in secure, scalable video technology. This platform helps organizations transition into the digital world, providing tools for recording, managing, and sharing content from any device. Its features include streaming meetings, virtual training, zoom integration, and video conferencing. Media Site helps businesses communicate mission-critical messages, generate trust, and facilitate discussion through high-quality streaming video. The cost can be determined by booking a demo online.

Owl Labs

Owl Labs offers an intelligent 360° camera, microphone, and speaker that delivers an immersive hybrid meeting experience. Its Owl Intelligence System, a proprietary AI-driven software, continually improves features and capabilities to make collaboration more inclusive. The Meeting Owl 3, the company's flagship product, costs $1,049+ and provides a seamless meeting experience, modulating speaker volume for optimal remote listening and enabling paired Meeting Owls to detect the active speaker in large rooms.


Hubilo is a comprehensive webinar software that helps businesses generate quality leads, build connections, and boost ROI. It offers interactive features such as watch parties and polls, all served up on an intuitive, user-friendly platform. Hubilo's platform allows businesses to prioritize their pipeline from a single platform, hosting webinars, watch parties, demos, conferences, and in-person events. For information on cost, interested parties can request a demo online.


Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform that provides a wealth of features for effective remote collaboration. It offers video conferencing, audio conferencing, interactive screen sharing, and whiteboards. Its deep integration with Zoho's ecosystem and other major third-party services makes it a versatile tool for businesses. Zoho Meeting also provides round-the-clock support, and its pricing structure is transparent and affordable, with plans ranging from $0 to $16 depending on the chosen plan and added features.

The choice of an online meeting platform depends on a business's specific needs and budget. Ring Central, Media Site, Owl Labs, Hubilo, and Zoho all offer robust features for virtual collaboration, helping businesses enhance productivity and communication. These platforms cater to a variety of needs, from video conferencing and team messaging to webinars and virtual training. With the right online meeting platform, businesses can foster a culture of collaboration and drive their growth in today's digital-first world.