Best Online Paid Surveys

It goes without saying that times feel very uncertain, and with that comes a ripple effect to all aspects of everyday life.  This is especially true in the area of employment. Jobs have been lost because smaller independent businesses have been forced to close, or because the work-from-home reality separates the essential employees from non-essential ones.  Many workers have found themselves trying to find a way to take back control of their income. This may be to make money immediately or to ensure they are not at the mercy of an employer’s circumstance.

So how do you even search for employment or find ways to supplement your income in a time when staying at home is pretty much the order of the day?  Despite the limitation of physical, in-person job potential, there is plenty of opportunity to make money without leaving home.   Freelancing is an option, whereby the job seeker peruses job listings and makes a bid for a position, but that means the job seeker is competing against other candidates.  There is another way that eliminates some of this competition. That way is paid online surveys. If you have never considered paid surveys as a way to make money or thought you could not make enough money to make it worthy your while, think again. Use this handy reference to get started.

Online Surveys: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Every company that does business relies eventually on the voice of the public to know what is in demand, what works, and what does not. A paid online survey system is one that allows everyday people to voice their opinion and to get paid a reward for that voice.  The survey taker may be paid a gift card for goods or services, or cash. Paid online surveys are not an advent of the stay-at-home pandemic, since they have been around since the onset of the internet.  Taking paid online surveys is ranked as one of the best ways to make money from home, and they are tried and true.

What to Look for and What to Avoid in a Paid Online Survey

With paid online surveys it is important to manage expectations.  Keep in mind that the incentive to take a paid online survey is usually relatively small.   No one will strike it rich with them, but paid online surveys are a work-from-home prospect that helps keep the bills paid.

Not all paid online survey companies are exactly the same.  For example, companies that use third-parties to conduct their survey pay a little less and take a little longer to pay.  Whereas, those companies that pay direct, pay a little more.  Either way, the rewards are there and these companies do pay.  The survey taker receives cash, gift cards and coupons that make life easier. There is a strategy involved when it comes to making money from paid surveys.

Among the Best of Paid Online Survey Sites

Many online survey sites offer rewards for doing more than simply taking surveys. There are many companies out there that also offer an incentive for watching videos or even shopping online. As all things in life, some companies, of course, are better than others.  It is important to look for things like:

  • Large membership. A paid online survey website is sort of like a restaurant.  If the site has a strong membership, that in itself is testimony that it works to the benefits of its members.
  • Large payout. Many paid online survey websites proudly post what they have paid out over time to its members.  This shows the prospective member that paid online surveys really work.

Here are some of the best names in Paid Online Surveys:

  • Survey Junkie is member driven, allows for payment via PayPal, E-Gift cards or direct to bank transfers. Survey Junkie proudly states that it has over 10 million members and considers itself a leader in consumer voice. By simply voicing an opinion about goods and services, Survey Junkie members are paid while having a commercial influence.


  • SwagBucks awards points for taking surveys, performing searches online, shopping online or watching videos. These points are converted to payment of cash through PayPal or gift cards.  Membership is required. SwagBucks boasts of having paid its members over $400 million in cash and rewards.


  • Pinecone Research allows its members, or panelists are they are called, to earn points that are converted into cash and gifts. Pinecone Research considers itself to be one of the foremost platforms for consumer opinion.  By completing surveys, members are paid for their opinion and make an impact on commercial products and services. 


  • Inbox Dollars rewards members for watching videos, playing games, reading emails, performing internet searches, shopping online, and of course, taking surveys. InboxDollars has been around for twenty years, boasts having paid over $59 million to its members in cash or gift cards.


  • Mypoints pays members for shopping online at popular stores or for taking surveys. By making online purchases and voicing an opinion, Mypoints pays its members in either gift cards to popular restaurants, stores or even cash via PayPal.