Electric SUVs: Efficient & Futuristic

Since the rise of Tesla, electric vehicles have grown tremendously in popularity, and many manufacturers are now producing electric SUVs. As with any other vehicle, not every electric SUV is created equal, and deciding which one to pick depends mainly upon your budget, needs, and desired features.


The following list covers some of the top electric SUVs of 2021 all prospective buyers should take into consideration. Because everyone has a different budget to work with, care has been taken to select the best of both luxury and affordable models.

1. Hyundai Kona Electric


The first vehicle on the list comes courtesy of the South Korean vehicle manufacturer, Hyundai. The Kona Electric is a stylish SUV crossover that offers crisp handling, an impressive 258-mile range, and a turbocharged engine that provides an impressive driving experience.


When looking at the Kona, prospective buyers have the option of three different models, which includes the SEL, Limited, and Unlimited models, which carry a starting price of $37,390, $42,000, and $45,600, respectively. All makes are relatively similar, and all offer the same level of mileage. The significant difference comes in the form of features, which vary from one model to the next.


Given its impressive mile-range and impressive number of features for its price tag Kona Electric is considered by many enthusiasts to be the best budget electric SUV. The main disadvantage is it is noticeably undersized compared to other electric SUVs, and it is not widely available in all states.


Starting MSRP

  • $39,390 for SEL model.
  • $42,000 for the Limited model.
  • $45,600 for the Unlimited model.


  • Provides an impressive number of features for its price tag.
  • Stylish exterior.
  • 258-mile range on a single charge.
  • Considerably less expensive than some other electric sports utility vehicles


  • It might be too small for some people.
  • Not available in every state.
  • Minimal rear legroom.

2. Audi e-tron


The Audi e-tron is a fully electric SUV that comes well equipped with all-wheel drive, a sporty exterior, a comfortable interior, and high-tech driver assistance systems. With a starting MSRP of $65,995, Audi has done an impressive job of providing consumers with a vehicle that straddles the line between luxury and affordable. Cnsumer ratings for the e-tron have been high. The e-tron is currently available in two models. They are the standard e-tron and the more powerful e-tron Sportsback.


On a full charge, the e-tron delivers a 222-mile driving range which might be on the low end for some users. However, the vehicle does boast an impressive 4000-pound towing capacity and an engine more powerful than other electric SUVs within its price range.

Starting MSP

$65,995 for the e-tron standard model

$69,100 for the e-tron Sportback


Stylish exterior.

Good value for the price.

Impressive towing capacity.

Quick acceleration.


A shorter than average driving range.


3. Tesla Model X


No electric vehicle list is complete without mentioning a Tesla product. After all, Tesla is credited with making economically viable electric vehicles a reality, and they are still considered the leader in this field.


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Model X is its ability to deliver up to 360 miles of driving range, which in some cases, is over one hundred miles more than some of its more popular competitors. Aside from this, the Model X offers the same futurist aesthetics that Teslas have become known for, along with top-class handling, impressive acceleration, and a comfortable interior.


The Model X is considered one of the best vehicles in its price range, and consumer reviews have been overwhelmingly favorable.


Starting MSP

  • $84,690 for the Model X Long Range.
  • $114,690 for the Model X Plaid.


  • Up to 360 miles of driving range.
  • Impressive acceleration and handling.
  • 1020 peak horsepower.
  • Three-row seating is available.


  • Windshield design lets too much sun into the cabin.
  • Rear doors open awkwardly.


4. Ford Mustang Mach-E


It did not take Ford long to offer an electric version of their popular line of mustang SUVs, and since the creation of the Mach-E, it has become one of the most popular options for Americans looking to purchase an electric SUV. Beneath its stylish yet muscular exterior, the Mach-E houses a powerful engine, a near-silent powertrain, and a battery capable of delivering a driving range of up to 300 miles.


Starting MSP

  • $47,595 for the Mach E Select.
  • $56,100 for the Mach E Premium.
  • $60,400 for the Mach E First Edition.


  • 0 - 60 in 3.5 seconds.
  • 300-mile driving range.
  • Aesthetically pleasing exterior.
  • Feature-rich.
  • Quality sound system.


  • The infotainment system has a steep learning curve.
  • Despite the vehicles name, it is not a muscle car.


5. Tesla Model Y


For those who think the price tag of the Model X is a little too steep, the Model Y presents a more economically friendly option. As with any other Tesla vehicle, this compact SUV has a sleek and futuristic look, a comfortable cabin, and many in-vehicle features that have made it a popular choice amongst consumers. However, due to the small engine size, the Model Y delivers a slightly lesser driving range of 320 miles and less power compared to its larger counterpart.


Starting MSRP

  • $41,190 for the Model Y Standard Range.
  • $51,190 for the Model Y Long Range.
  • $62,190 for the Model Y Performance.


  • Impressive cargo space.
  • A high number of standard features.
  • Over 300 mile driving range.
  • Strong body and high safety rating.


  • Third row is too small for adults.
  • It does not possess as much power as the model X.