Tips To Raise Your Home’s Sale Value

Your home has significant value to you and your family. How does its particular value to you translate to the current housing market in 2021? The emotional value of your home has almost no bearing on its sales value. Potential buyers are able to see the care you put into your home, but beyond that the market is blind to your feelings. Other important factors must be considered if you are looking for information on current home values and tips for making fast cash by selling yours.

What are the first steps to take when selling your home? Should you hire a realtor? Many guides exist to help you know what to do when selling your home. Do you also know what things to avoid when selling your home? Read ahead to learn important tips about home values and the best ways to make money by selling your home in 2021.


1st Steps for Selling Your Home (and making the most money by doing it)

Certain steps exist for helping you get the most from selling your home before you even officially put it on the market. The 1st steps for selling your home (and making the most money by doing it) involve research and preparation. What types of research and preparation are helpful? The 1st step for selling your home is to take the time to understand why you are selling it. Selling a home is time-consuming and often emotional. Initial out-of-pocket expenses might also be involved. Once you understand your reasons for selling and are committed to going through with the sale, it is time to move on.


Research comparable home values in your market area to help determine the value of your home. Check your finances and equity to be certain you will not owe more than more than your home is worth once you sell it. Include the cost of any home improvements and/or repairs potentially required to market and sell your home. Make a list of items on which you are willing to negotiate and things on which you are unwilling to budge. What is the minimum sales price you are willing to accept? How quickly do you want, or need to move? Research the optimal selling periods for your housing market in 2021. Is it better to sell in the springtime or wait until after summer? Additional 1st steps to research, decide and prepare include:

  • Extra expenses including appraisals & moving costs.
  • Are you hiring a realtor or selling on your own?
  • Room staging for best presentations to buyers.
  • Off-site storage for de-cluttering and depersonalizing your home.
  • Competitively pricing your home to sell fast.


Should You Hire a Realtor?

The decision to hire a realtor is commonly made by most homeowners selling their homes in 2021. Selling your home without representation is possible. The process also involves hard work and a lot of time. A professional realtor understands the value of your home and comparable homes in your market. A realtor has connections and networking capabilities, including with local news outlets, radio stations, local/regional businesses and more.

National realtor companies such as RE/MAX, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker are household names for most U.S. residents in 2021. Keller Williams and ERA are also popular realtor companies. Zillow is a popular and credible online real estate/rental marketplace resource, which helps you understand the steps required to sell your home and connect with qualified realtors. Redfin is a consumer-favorite modern real estate organization, which is changing the way real estate is handled in modern times. Should you hire a realtor? Unless you have the time and knowledge to strategize, market, advertise and show your home to prospective buyers it is almost always advisable to hire a realtor to help sell your home.


Home Sales Staging Tips

Following the advice of certain tips helps you sell your home fast and make the most money when you do. Good lighting is especially important. Light up your home and make it appealing to all prospective buyers. Remove curtains and blinds to let in more natural light. Clean your windows and increase wattage in all light bulbs. Trim bushes blocking windows, clean all lighting fixtures and replace old dirty lampshades with new ones.


Storage is also important. Buyers prefer purchasing homes with ample storage space. Remove half your items from all closets and place them in a storage unit or at a family member’s home temporarily. Do the same for catchall drawers. The most important room of all is perhaps the kitchen. While it is not necessary to upgrade every single kitchen appliance you own, it is crucial to make your kitchen as appealing as possible. Wipe down all countertops and keep them free of clutter. Organize and consolidate all items in your refrigerator and freezer. Polish any wooden cabinets and other items. Make sure your kitchen floor is sparkling clean.


Are you a pet owner? Every person loves his or her own pets. Prospective buyers might not, however. If possible keep your pets with a relative while your home is on the market. Constantly cleaning up pet hair is tedious. Pet hair is also a significant turn-off for most buyers looking at purchasing a new home.


Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Avoid setting your asking price too high to be competitive. Attempting to hide the need for major repairs or to mask flaws in your home is a major mistake made by many sellers. Consideration for social distancing and COVID-19 safety measures is also imperative in 2021. Keep hand sanitizer in every room, just in case. Doing so shows you care about your home and the buyers entering it. It is also a mistake to make your home look too-lived-in. Potential buyers want to picture themselves living in your home during showings, not you.