Medicare Advantage Explained: What You Need to Know

Discover everything you need to know about Medicare Advantage plans - from coverage options, costs, and enrollment periods, to understanding the benefits and potential drawbacks. Get the information you need to make informed decisions about your healthcare coverage.

The healthcare industry is a complex and ever-changing landscape, with various brands offering a range of services. In this article, we will discuss three brands: Arizona Medicare Specialists, United Healthcare (UHC), and eHealth. These companies provide health insurance services with unique offerings that set them apart from other industry players. We will also touch on Connie Health, another significant player in the market. In this discussion, we will explore the specifications, costs, and benefits associated with these brands.

Arizona Medicare Specialists

Arizona Medicare Specialists, an insurance professional company based in Arizona, prides itself on being a local company with an office, as opposed to a call center. This brand simplifies the process of health insurance selection, breaking down the numerous options available and helping clients find the best plan given their healthcare needs and budget. 

The top benefits of working with an independent insurance agent like Arizona Medicare Specialists include their expertise in Medicare, their unbiased approach, and their ability to serve you with a variety of options, all at no charge. Once the policy is in place, they continue to offer services, making them a one-stop shopping solution. The cost of their services varies.


UnitedHealthcare (UHC) offers Medicare Advantage plans that cover most dental services, eye exams, hearing exams, and hundreds of prescription drugs, all at $0 copays. Their plans also include a quarterly credit for OTC products and access to the largest national provider network of Medicare Advantage. Cost varies with UHC.


eHealth is an independent health insurance advisor that assists individuals in shopping, comparing, and enrolling in health insurance plans. They offer plans from major and minor insurance companies. eHealth's benefit advisors are paid the same no matter which Medicare Advantage plan you choose, ensuring unbiased advice and support. They are not an insurance company themselves, but a marketplace to compare and choose the best plans. The cost of their services varies.

Connie Health

Connie Health uses technology to help clients find the best plans for their budget and healthcare needs. Their agents are local to your community, providing personalized assistance. Like eHealth, Connie Health makes the same commission regardless of the plan you choose, ensuring unbiased guidance. They specialize in Medicare Advantage plans, which provide all the benefits of Original Medicare coverage often at a lower cost. Their services are free for users, with costs varying depending on the chosen plan.

Choosing health insurance is a critical decision that requires consideration of various factors. Brands like Arizona Medicare Specialists, UHC, eHealth, and Connie Health offer unique services that can simplify this process and help individuals find the best plan for their needs and budget. Each brand has different specifications, costs, and benefits that cater to diverse preferences and requirements. By leveraging their services, individuals can navigate the complex healthcare industry and make informed decisions about their health insurance.