Explore Local Options to Find Affordable Notary Services

Notaries serve an important role in that they offer a credible witness to important events or documents. A person who acts as a notary officer has been commissioned by the local government and must adhere to a specific set or rules and agree to abide by a code of ethical standards. This requirement is done so that when you receive the notary seal, which is a stamp of approval or verification, it is assumed this person provided the notarization without any personal bias. Notaries are governed by a national association called the National Notary Association. Notary signing agents, or Notary Public as they are sometimes called, can set up shop as a solo business or they may work with a firm. Often a Notary is someone who works in another capacity in another business and offering Notary services is an add-on feature to their business. All of these are legitimate ways to have something notarized. If you have never used the services of a Notary use this quick reference guide to find out how to find a Notary service locally.

When a Notary is Necessary

 When looking for an affordable local notary it is useful to know what types of documents require a notary’s seal of verification. There are three basic types that include:

  • Acknowledgments: This type of document deals with contracts or documents relating to ownership of something (such as when you sell a vehicle). It can also apply to power of attorney statements and do it yourself wills.
  • Jurat: This type of category governs legal documents required in a court. Usually they are documents considered to be evidence in some case. This can include affidavits, written testimonies or court depositions.
  • Certified Documents: A certified document or certified copy is required when the document you need a duplicate of is of a sensitive nature. A good example of this is your birth certificate. The duplicate vouches that the original exists so that you do not have to send your original birth certificate to someone.

In order for the Notary to certify any of these types of documents you must be prepared to present some form of ID, and in some cases verbally testify that the information provided is true and has not been changed in any way.

Finding a Notary

Notaries are located in many places locally, if you know where to look. One of the easiest ways is to do a quick online yellow pages search using the keyword “Notary Services”.  Often Notaries can be found at your local bank and many accountants are also notaries. Other places you may locate a notary locally include shipping stores, real estate firms or even your local town hall. Another quick way is to ask your social media groups. Many of those on your social media platforms are local and the odds are good that either someone you know actually IS a Notary Public, or they know someone who is. This is also the best way to get the most affordable, local Notary.

What does it cost to get something notarized?

Getting something notarized is actually quite affordable. What you are charged is largely dependent on where in the U.S. you live, but the most you will pay out of pocket is around $20. While each state dictates what a Notary can charge as a maximum amount, each Notary is allowed to charge whatever they would like (up to that maximum amount). So, a Notary may only charge you 10$ even though he or she could charge you up to $20 according to the state. This means that there is often room for negotiation on the pricing.

What does a Notary Public do?

One of the chief tasks of a Notary is to verify your identity. When they set their seal/stamp on a document they are vouching for you and stating that they verified your identity. This is why most notaries require some form of personal ID such as a driver’s license or other government issued ID. In addition to verifying your identity the Notary guarantees that you were not coerced into signing the document and that the information presented in the document has been unaltered from the original. Keep in mind that a Notary can decline to offer service if he or she feels as if impartiality may be compromised. This is why relatives often send their family members to other Notaries for service.

Visiting Notaries

Many Notaries who work as a solo enterprise add mobile services to their offerings. This makes getting a notary service more convenient. A mobile Notary will come to your place of business or your home in order to notarize various documents. You may incur an additional charge for this convenience so you must factor this additional cost into the cost of obtaining the stamp. Mobile notaries are the exact same as a regular notary with the exception that they actually travel as well. In recent months many notaries have begun offering online services, though not all states offer or allow this. In states where this is not allowed you are allowed to get a temporary notarization until you can obtain the official notarization in person.