How Data Management Platforms Can Improve Customer Experience

Discover how data management platforms (DMPs) can revolutionize your customer experience. Uncover actionable insights, personalize interactions, and optimize marketing strategies efficiently. Learn more from recommended experts at today. 


In the burgeoning digital era, data is the lifeblood of any business enterprise. Harnessing this data effectively can be the difference between business growth and stagnation. Various brands are offering groundbreaking tools that help businesses to harness first-party data, create business intelligence reports, automate tasks, and integrate data platforms. These tools are pivotal in the creation of a richer customer journey, the launch of smarter campaigns, optimization of processes, and the elimination of waste. This article will delve into the offerings of five brands: Basis, Domo, Quickbase, Adverity and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, exploring their specs, benefits, and cost. 


Harnessing First-Party Data with Basis 

In an environment increasingly regulated and with enhanced customer privacy, third-party data is becoming less accessible to marketers. Hence, the importance of pivoting to a targeting approach driven by first-party data. Basis is a brand that assists businesses in this transition. It helps businesses to build and activate audience segments, providing custom messaging for various segments and buying stages. The benefits of using first-party data include boosting performance through site insights, media insights, and look-a-like modeling. This data also guides future business decisions, eliminates wasted spend, optimizes what works, and aids in launching smarter campaigns. Basis offers a customer-centric approach to marketing, and pricing details can be obtained by connecting with the company. 

Business Intelligence Reporting with Domo 

Domo is a brand that brings business intelligence reporting to the fingertips of businesses. It offers a single, cloud-based platform that connects data from any source, including spreadsheets, and creates reports with real-time data. With Domo, data and calculations are automatically refreshed, and visualizations can be created to tell a story with more than 150 chart types. It also allows data sharing, sets alerts for issues, and enables team chats about the data. Domo puts data to work for everyone, with intuitive experiences and a secure foundation that connects across your data systems. The cost of Domo can be obtained through an online quote. 

Automating Tasks with Quickbase 

Quickbase is a brand that helps businesses to cut down on manual tasks. It provides a platform that allows teams to centralize information, streamline workflows, and improve visibility. With Quickbase, a database can be created from spreadsheets or built from scratch, with the ability to automate data. Quickbase ensures enterprise-level data security, with a recoverable system through daily backups. It offers a fully managed, secure database software, eliminating worries about maintaining infrastructure and performance. The cost of Quickbase can be obtained by requesting a demo and an online quote. 

Integrated Data Platform with Adverity 

Adverity is a brand that offers an integrated data platform for teams that rely heavily on data. It provides an automated solution that improves data quality and accelerates time to insights. Adverity allows businesses to build a single source of truth of business performance, ensuring data quality and completeness, and managing access across the business. It has an extensive range of connectors and allows data to be sent anywhere desired. Adverity costs $500/mo +. 

Data-First Modernization with Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a brand that offers data-first modernization. It allows businesses to unify their data to deliver high-precision analytics, unlocking the value of data. HPE assists businesses to break down the journey of data-driven modernization into manageable steps. It provides a cloud operational experience powered by data-driven, AI-based tools, unlocking the value of data even when the data sets are vast and diverse. HPE's data-first modernization can be utilized to open up new opportunities for businesses. The cost of HPE can be obtained by connecting with the company. 

The era of data-driven business growth is here. Brands like Basis, Domo, Quickbase, Adverity and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are at the forefront, providing tools and platforms that allow businesses to harness the power of their data, automate tasks, and create a richer customer journey. The investment in these tools is a strategic decision that businesses need to make to stay competitive in the digital era. By leveraging these tools, businesses can unlock the immense value in their data, optimize their processes, and ultimately drive growth.