Secure Your Dental Health and Savings with Trusted and Reliable Dental Savings Plans

Trust in reliable dental savings plans to help secure your dental health and savings. Choose from a variety of trusted options to find the best plan for you.

Dental care is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but the costs can often be overwhelming. Traditional dental insurance doesn't always provide the coverage and savings needed for everyone. That's where dental savings plans come in. These plans offer an affordable alternative to dental insurance, allowing you to save on dental care without the hassle of waiting periods, maximum spending limits, and extensive paperwork. 

Dental Plans: Quality Care at an Affordable Price

Dental Plans offers an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance, providing access to significantly reduced rates from 140,000+ dentists nationwide. With over 30 dental savings plans to choose from, you can save 10-60% on dental care from the brands you trust. With no health restrictions, annual spending limits, or waiting periods, you can save on every visit without any hassle. The AtYourService® team is available to help you choose the dental plan that best fits your specific needs. To learn more about the cost of Dental Plans, contact the company online.

Aetna: Save More, Get More, Do Less

Aetna Dental Savings Plans allow you to save 15-50% on most dental services, with access to over 241,000 dental practices nationwide. Unlike dental insurance, you can use your dental plan as often as you want, all year long, with no annual spending limits. Enjoy the convenience of skipping dental insurance waiting periods and saying goodbye to paperwork – just pay your discounted rate directly to the dentist. In addition to dental savings, Aetna also offers savings on vision services, hearing services, and brand-name prescriptions at your pharmacy. The cost of an Aetna Dental Savings Plan ranges from $130.46 to $157.46 per year, depending on the plan.

Kleer: The Dental Membership Plan That Delivers

Kleer is a dental membership plan that provides everything a dental practice needs to design, launch, and grow an in-office dental membership plan without the interference of an insurance middleman. This allows for improved practice performance and better access to care for patients. To learn more about Kleer's pricing, contact the company for more information.

Careington 1: Save on Dental Care for Your Entire Household

With Careington 1, you can save 15-60% on dental care by tapping into one of the largest and most recognized dental provider networks. The Careington Care 500 series discount plan offers immediate use, no limits or maximums on use, and the ability to include your entire household. When you visit a network General Dentist, you save 20-60% on fees according to a published price list for your state. At a plan Dental Specialist, you save 20% off normal fees. The cost of Careington 1 ranges from $89 to $129 per year, depending on the plan.

1Dental: The Best Dental Plans at the Best Prices

1Dental offers dental plans that cost less than traditional insurance and are designed to be used as much as needed. These plans have no waiting periods, exclusions, limits, or deductibles, and they cover pre-existing conditions. With unlimited use and no maximums, you can include everyone you care about in your 1Dental plan. Membership provides savings on cleanings, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, implants, dentures, braces, x-rays, and more. The cost of 1Dental plans starts at $119 per year, going up to $169 per year, depending on the plan.

Choosing the right dental savings plan for your needs can make a significant difference in the quality and affordability of your dental care. By comparing the offerings of Dental Plans, Aetna, Kleer, Careington 1, and 1Dental, you can make an informed decision that best suits your financial and dental health needs. With the right plan, you can enjoy quality dental care at a price you can afford, without the constraints and hassles of traditional dental insurance.