Driveway Cleaning Services - Keep Your Driveway in Top Shape

Professional driveway cleaning services are available to keep your driveway in top shape. Read about hiring the best driveway cleaning service near you.

Cleaning your driveway is an involved process beyond what many homeowners realize. The process requires much more than the knowledge of how to use a common garden hose and bucket. In fact, cleaning your driveway properly requires the use of specific chemicals, which are not only safe for your driveway but also your loved ones (including pets) and your neighbors. 

Professional driveway cleaning services are available to keep your driveway in top shape. What are the top reasons to hire a professional service provider to clean your driveway? Read ahead for valuable insights into hiring the best driveway cleaning services near you today.

Driveway Cleaning 101 (the How, When and Why You Need to Know Now)

Hiring a professional driveway cleaning service provides many benefits for your driveway, property value and (believe it or not) annual budget. Some homeowners believe driveway cleaning is solely a DIY project using only basic and inexpensive soaps, tools, and supplies. Some homeowners believe because their driveway is outside the rain will wash away dirt and debris from its surface. Others simply give thought or consideration to the condition of their driveway, believing there is no reason or benefit to cleaning it until it is unfortunately too late. When it comes to cleaning your driveway, the best decision you can make is to become proactive about how, when, and why your driveway needs - and deserves - professional care.

The How

Driveways are made from various materials. Each type of material is best cleaned using certain types of soaps and chemicals. Dirt and debris will always be present on the surface of a driveway, but what about oil and other fluid leaks from your car? Simple suds in a bucket and water from a hose are almost always insufficient to truly get damaging oils and other substances cleaned from your driveway’s surface. Pressure and power washing your driveway is possible using home-based machines. This process requires you to know what level of pressure to use, while also preventing damages. A professional driveway cleaning service already has this knowledge and is available to save you time and stress today.

The When

Your driveway is exposed to dirt, debris, and toxic substances all year long. Preventing this is impossible but preventing the damages this exposure causes is not. Common consensus among driveway cleaning professionals and home-maintenance experts is to have your driveway cleaned at least once each year, and more if you live in harsher climates. It is also necessary to clean your driveway after any fluid leaks or other accidents, which could corrupt the integrity of your driveway’s surface.

The Why

Knowing why to have your driveway professionally cleaned helps you understand the benefits it provides to both your driveway and annual household budget. It might seem counterintuitive to think paying for a professional service once or twice a year will save you money. One of the primary reasons why you want to have your driveway professionally serviced is exactly because the cost of repairing or replacing it are significantly higher than the cost of a cleaning visit. For example, the national average price to pressure-wash a driveway ranges between $100 and $500 per visit. The average national cost to replace and install a new driveway is approximately $4,500, however, with prices reaching as high as $6,500 and up.

This leads to further examples of why to have your driveway professionally cleaned. Some homeowner’s associations (HOAs) demand it and levy fines if your driveway becomes unsightly or hazardous. Mold or moss buildups on your driveway cause insect and critter infestations. These types of growths also crack your driveway, which leads to additional weed growths and other damages. A professionally cleaned driveway has a longer lifespan, which prevents spending money on replacements or repairs. Additional reasons why you need to have your driveway professionally cleaned include:

  • Increased curb appeal.

  • Prepares for sealant applications.

  • Increases overall value of your home.

  • Saves valuable time.

  • Reduces allergen growth and attraction of insects.

Comparing the Top Nationwide Driveway Cleaning Companies

Driveways are made of one of seven primary types of materials. Asphalt (blacktop), concrete, brick (paver), stamped concrete, gravel, permeable paver, and turf driveway materials each require specialized treatment during the cleaning process. Driveway cleaning companies are also referred to as pressure or power washing companies because these are the cleaning methods most used to effectively clean driveways. is a powerful online resource for finding the best pressure and driveway cleaning services nationwide.

The specific ways a company charges for driveway cleaning services are per hour, per square foot or per job. Some companies charge using a combination of these methods, adding overage surcharges to initial base prices when the jobs go beyond certain predetermined limits. Prices also vary based on your zip code and specific chemicals required or requested by you for the cleaning. Using an online resource such as allows you to enter information about your driveway cleaning needs through a series of numerous prompts. Once completed, Angi will send specific pricing results directly to your email inbox! HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack and HomeGuide provide all provide similar methods of comparing prices between multiple driveway cleaning companies servicing your area.

Expect to pay between $70 and $100 per hour for basic driveway cleaning labor (under favorable site conditions) from top companies such as Hudson Pressure Washing (NY) and KC Power Clean (CA). This includes surface sweeping, light brushing, power or pressure washing, preparation setup and cleanup time. Expect other companies such as Revitalize Pressure Washing (TX), Ultra Pressure Cleaning (FL) and Karin’s Services (MN) to charge the same range of  basic service prices. All these companies also charge $50-60 extra for supplies and another $40-$65 for equipment allowances.

Additional Specific Pricing Expectations and Direct Quotes

Each state has its own climate-based factors, which impact prices for driveway cleaning services. Absolute PowerWash in Nevada deals with damages from sand and dry debris and might increase fees for excessive corrosion due to these factors. Maine Power Wash Pros sets pricing based on the severity of snow, ice, and rock salt-related damages. Most companies offer direct quotes via phone or email, or only after conducting a free estimate. Contact these following top companies for a direct quote today:

  • Hudson Pressure Washing (832-928-7606).

  • KC Power Clean (714-342-5326).

  • Revitalize Pressure Washing (281-888-4043).

  • Ultra Pressure Cleaning (305-310-9706).

  • Karin’s (763-546-9131).

  • Absolute PowerWash (775-224-9169).

  • Maine Power Wash Pros (207-320-1801).