Fire Damage Services

When your home is damaged by fire you need fast effective solutions. Read a special guide on how to find the best fire damage services near you today.

Fire damage has the potential to destroy your home and property but also your quality of life. Lightning strikes, extremely dry/hot climates, accidents and appliance failures are all capable of starting fires without warning. Most homeowners understand fires are a constant risk but comprehending the aftermath is not as easily unfathomable.

When your home is damaged by fire you need fast and effective solutions. Fire damage services are available to help, but how do you locate the best service near you? What are the best ways to restore recently damaged property and should you do some remediation yourself? Professional Fire damage services employ highly trained service and remediation technicians to make sure your property is not only restored but also functional and safe. Read a special guide on how what to do when your property is damaged by fire and how to find the best fire damage services near you.

U.S. Home Fire Damage Statistics  

The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) states close to seven billion dollars in U.S. property damage was done in the five-year period leading up to and through 2020. Every 1,000 fires cause 2.5 deaths and approximately 10 injuries. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states 3,000+ U.S. residents die in fires every year. Studies from the Stanford Children’s Hospital conclude those fires also claim the lives of one child per day.

Any small fire needs only thirty seconds at most to expand into a property destroying and possibly fatal blaze. Knowing how to stop a small fire from spreading is essential to home safety but doing so is not always possible. Over 350,000 homes are subjected to some degree of structural fire every year. Homeowners are advised to research fire damage services in their area when a worst-case scenario strikes unexpectedly.

What Are the Main Causes of Fire Damage?

Various types of incidents and accidents cause fires, which lead to major structural damage to your home. Some causes are more common than others although damage caused by raging fires is not partial to what started the ignition. For example, cooking dinners and sharing family meals is an integral part of American life. One aspect of fire damage emphasizing its lack of discrimination is how cooking dinners is the leading cause of fire damage in the nation. Approximately forty-two percent of house fires are caused by cooking-related accidents. Christmas tree fires are another main cause of major fire damage as are heating equipment and the malfunctioning of electrical appliances/equipment inside (and outside) your home. What are some of the other main causes of fire damage?

  • Unattended cigarettes & cigars.
  • Unattended candles.
  • Flammable liquids/sprays placed near open flames/heating sources.
  • Faulty/old wiring.
  • Lightning strikes.
  • Barbeques.
  • Children playing with flammable objects.
  • Portable hearing units (for example, space heaters).

What Fire Damage Services Do

Professional fire damage services are highly trained to assess the damage to your home and begin restoration/remediation processes as quickly as possible. Fire damage services identify the source of the fire, which helps determine how to repair the damage. Fire damage also causes water damage when pipes or other water-carrying items in your home burst open or melt from the heat. Water damage also occurs when the fire is put out by local firefighting services.

Fire damage services also identify items in your home damaged by smoke, soot and ash. Damaged contents are removed and discarded. Undamaged items might also be removed as a precaution to protect them during any restoration/remediation processes. Initial structural restoration is then commenced, which includes removing any items into which smoke has been sealed. Carpets, floors, walls and other surfaces are evaluated for damage and restoration needs as well.

It is imperative a fire damage service evaluates the frame, subfloors and support beams of your home. Damage to any one of those items could put you and/or your family in mortal danger. After all items and areas are completely evaluated any impacted surfaces are subsequently cleaned, sanitized and treated for smoke odors. The final steps involve returning all undamaged items to their original locations and remodeling your home accordingly.

Should I Try Fire Damage Restoration on My Own?

Attempting any fire damage restoration processes on your own is highly risky and possible deadly. Experiencing structural fire damage to your home is a challengingly emotional experience. The urge will exist to rummage through the impacted areas, assess the damage and salvage everything possible. While this is a natural and understandable inclination fire damage restoration is not a typical DIY process. Exposed wires could reignite while you are in damaged areas. Unseen holes in the floors could collapse, causing you to fall to your possible death. The same is true for unseen support beams holding up the ceilings and walls around you.

What is Safe to Do When Fire Damage Strikes Your Home?

Performing fire damage restoration on your own is dangerous but some things are capable of safe handling in the aftermath. Once you and/or your family and pets are all accounted for, understand a wave of emotions is likely to wash over you. It is important to process these emotions without acting on urges to re-enter your damaged home. Contact all available support including family, friends and even the American Red Cross for assistance. Be certain to have a safe place to stay for you and your family.

Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider right away. File your claim to get the restoration process started as quickly as possible. Some insurance providers require you use specific fire damage services, while others allow you to choose your own. Once insurance protocol is understood, contact an appropriate fire damage service right away.

Find Fire Damage Services Near You

Use Yelp and to research customer reviews and resources to local & national fire damage services. Websites such as also provide excellent resources to find disaster restoration companies near you. Additional and reliable nationwide fire damage services include: