Direct Mail Delivery Options

Direct mail delivery offers benefits over USPS services alone. Learn about the best direct mail delivery options available in the U.S. and Canada today.

Private direct mail delivery options are no longer a fading concept from the recent past. In fact, this type of marketing strategy is making a significant comeback. Certain reasons for this comeback might surprise business owners, while others appear logical and appealing.

Direct mail delivery offers certain beneficial services over those provided by the USPS alone. An approximate ninety percent of the mail sent via this method is opened. Rates of return on investments might reach as high as 1,300% as well. Continue reading to learn about the best direct mail delivery options available for the U.S. and Canada today.

Direct Mail Delivery 101

Direct mail delivery is a marketing strategy which utilizes tangible mailed items to reach customers both prospective and current. Types of items delivered during direct mail marketing campaigns include promotional materials, brochures, postcards, pamphlets, and catalogs. Businesses have experienced successful results using this venerable process of mail delivery for ages. This is due to direct mail providing both trackable results and precision customer demographic targeting.

As technology rapidly developed and customers began demanding increased online experiences the direct mail industry experienced a downturn, albeit briefly. Now, however, as consumers grow increasingly frustrated with increasing ad saturation on social media and other online platforms, direct mail is often preferred.

How Effective Are Direct Mail Options?

According to the Online Marketing Institution (OMI), sixty-five percent of consumers from a wide variety of ages and demographics make a purchase based on the direct mail they receive. Direct mail marketing generates between a four and five percent response rate. Approximately sixty percent of consumers state the reception of direct mail creates a lasting impression pursuant to advertisement recollection. In fact, those same consumers also state receiving direct mail leaves a lasting impression during everyday activities as well.

The list of statistics proving the efficacy of direct mail services is comprehensive and long. More data is provided below. As a business owner it is important to understand the overall impact direct mail has on your current customer base as well as your ability to generate new customers. Many business owners are concerned about the perception of direct mail as junk mail, or literal physical spam. Others consider whether direct mail is archaic compared to the multitude of online options available to reach customers around the globe. The truth is largely opposite of these concerns, however.

Many customers prefer direct mail because they concurrently look forward to checking their mailboxes every day. They also find it more personable and appealing. larger envelopes (which better draw the eyes and attention of a customer) generate a five percent or higher response rate. Direct mail is simply an effective way to supplement your online marketing strategies and target specific customer demographics and regions your online efforts cannot reach.

Private Mail Services Are Beneficial Over the USPS - Here’s Why

The USPS is currently under a collective political and economic siege. Attempts to reshape and privatize the entire USPS are putting U.S. postal workers and its customers through a veritable tug-of-war experience. Deliveries are often delayed. Packages are lost or rerouted to different hubs, which are further away from customers’ home addresses as opposed to closer. Cutbacks to funding and in revenue have led to a downsizing of USPS staff nationwide. Ironically, the USPS also offers direct mail options for individuals and businesses in addition to its usual services. The primary difference between direct mail and regular USPS services is the way direct mail targets specific consumers, thus resulting in a more effective campaign.

What Is Causing the Resurgence of Direct Mail Popularity Today?

The short answer to this is possible to state as a solitary word: Millennials. Millennials are currently responsible for shaping the U.S. economy overall (and by a significant margin). Wealthy millennials, however, are driving the economy full force. Millennials are also the demographic of consumers who have spent the most time online in recent years. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and more are still massively popular among consumers of many ages today. Advertisements on these platforms have become overbearing, however. People receive possibly hundreds of emails every day. They are exposed to literally countless amounts of online advertisements, which interfere with the enjoyment of their online experience. Consumers only receive an average of ten pieces of mail each day, however. As a businessowner this must be an appealing opportunity.


Direct mail services vary based on provider, materials used, location (including the U.S. and Canada) and more. Average prices range between $.65 and $3.00 per item delivered via direct mail marketing. The volume of your campaign also impacts the price you will pay. For example, a $2.00 per item campaign at 1,000 items might cost you $2,000 plus your “soft time” and additional expenses. Some providers might lower their per-item prices for larger orders. The use of color, postage rates/choices, design costs, format selection and personalization of your campaign will also impact pricing. If this seems expensive, read the following statistics.

Comparing Cost Per Lead

Direct mail has a lower cost per lead rate than multiple other popular marketing strategies. The Print on Demand Institute (PODI) states direct mail also has a conversion rate higher than most marketing alternatives. Consider these cost per lead statistics from low to high:

  • Direct mail ($51.40).
  • Pay per click ($52.58).
  • Email marketing ($55.24).
  • Print advertising ($60.50).
  • Telemarketing ($190.49).

Best Direct Mail Service Providers Today

Numerous top-quality direct mail service providers are available to help you target customers in the U.S. and Canada now. Postalytics is one of those companies. The popularity of Postalytics services is partially due to its excellent supply of analytics to help you see how effectively your direct mail campaigns are working. Additional top direct mail service providers available to target your customers in the U.S. and Canada include: