Top Nationwide Linen & Uniform Companies

Trust these linen and uniform services to provide top-quality linen rentals and uniform solutions for your business. These companies offer reliable and affordable services to ensure your staff always looks and feels their best.

Uniform rental services have become an essential aspect of the modern business landscape, providing businesses with a convenient and cost-effective solution to maintaining a professional appearance for their employees. With a range of providers available, selecting the right uniform rental service can be a daunting task. This article will discuss four prominent uniform rental service providers – Aramark, Cintas, Alsco, and UniFirst – outlining their key offerings and costs to help businesses make an informed decision.


Aramark prides itself on its ability to customize its uniform rental services to cater to the unique needs of each business it serves. The company offers high-quality apparel and fully managed workplace supplies tailored to your specific situation. With a proactive approach to ever-changing business needs, Aramark ensures that your inventory is ordered, replenished, and stocked on a weekly basis, covering first aid, restroom supplies, cleaning towels, and more. This allows businesses to save time, enjoy consistent billing, and focus on what matters most – their customers. The cost of Aramark's services varies, and businesses are encouraged to contact the company for a quote.


Cintas offers a comprehensive and flexible uniform rental program designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Each worker is provided with enough uniforms for two weeks, with one clean set for the current workweek and the other set being laundered and checked for repairs at Cintas. The system can be customized to ensure that there are enough extra uniforms to cover individual work schedules or other requirements. On a weekly basis, a Cintas representative will visit your facility to pick up worn garments and drop off clean uniforms for the coming week, while also checking for any needed repairs or replacements. There is no up-front investment required from businesses, as Cintas funds the program setup. Prices vary, and businesses can expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $15 per employee per week for uniform rental services, depending on the complexity of the uniforms, types of materials used, and service fees associated with the vendor.


Alsco's uniform cleaning services focus on efficiency and convenience. When signing up for their services, an Alsco representative will install a uniform locker at your facility and provide a dirty laundry locker for safe storage of dirty uniforms until they are picked up for laundering. On a regular schedule, an Alsco delivery team member will visit your facility to place a fresh set of clean uniforms in your locker and take away dirty laundry for cleaning and repairs. Alsco also tracks your usage and recommends changes to your cleaning services plan as needed, ensuring that your team always looks sharp and your services remain efficient. Their competitive pricing and consistent cost structure make them an attractive option for businesses. To receive a quote, businesses are encouraged to contact Alsco directly.


UniFirst offers state-of-the-art uniform rental services tailored to the specific needs of each business. With a focus on matching wash formulas to your particular soiling and garment types, UniFirst ensures that your employees' uniforms always look professional and maintain the safety of your work processes. Their computerized laundering systems accurately control and monitor wash formulas, water levels, and temperatures in each of their laundering facilities, ensuring efficiency in the use of energy, water, wash formulas, and other resources. Pricing varies, and businesses are encouraged to contact UniFirst for a quote.

Uniform rental services have become a crucial aspect of maintaining a professional image for businesses. Companies such as Aramark, Cintas, Alsco, and UniFirst offer a range of services designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. By understanding the offerings and costs of each provider, businesses can make an informed decision when selecting a uniform rental service provider that best suits their needs.