Laptops for All: How Online Schools are Promoting Digital Equity in Education

Discover how online schools are bridging the digital divide by providing equal access to laptops and promoting digital equity in education. Learn how students from all backgrounds can benefit from this inclusive approach, enhancing their learning experience and preparing them for a tech-driven future. 


In the age of digitalization, several educational institutions have leveraged technology to offer comprehensive and flexible learning solutions. One such institution is the Fusion Global Academy, a front runner in online education. Other brands such as K12, American National University, Dakota State University, and Moravian University, have also embraced the digital learning model, each with its unique offering. This article explores these brands, delving into their unique features, specifications, and how they are revolutionizing the education sector. 


Fusion Global Academy: Personalized, Live Online Learning 

Fusion Global Academy, a globally recognized institution, offers flexible, focused, and forward-thinking instruction, delivered live and 100% online. With a high school program that is taught live, the student and teacher interact in real-time, ensuring that each class session is maximally beneficial. The Academy's unique 1:1 learning approach places the student at the core of every class, providing them with personalized attention and guidance. 

The virtual program caters to families across the country, with over 25,000 hours taught per week. Fusion Global Academy's curriculum is accessible to students seeking full-time, part-time, individual classes for credit, or tutoring throughout the year. With its highly qualified and passionate teachers, the Academy guarantees personalized instruction and real-time feedback in every lesson. 

K12: The California Tuition-Free Virtual School 

K12 is a California-based virtual school that combines the benefits of at-home learning with a homeschooling alternative. The K12-powered virtual public school provides engaging curriculum and California-certified teachers specially trained for virtual instruction. The school is currently enrolling grades TK-12. 

K12 offers multiple learning pathways, a rigorous, highly interactive award-winning curriculum, and a range of extracurricular activities. The Stride Career Prep for grades 7-11 prepares students for a variety of career fields, including arts & media, business, health, IT, and marketing. 

American National University: Distance Education with Free Laptops 

American National University offers a unique approach to distance education, providing all domestic students with free laptops and software. The program employs a team-based approach to solving real-world problems, particularly in the realm of information technology. The University offers "stack-able" programs, ranging from associate's degree through to the master’s level, making it a viable option for both beginners and experienced IT professionals. 

Dakota State University: Free Laptops for First-Year Students 

Dakota State University (DSU) has been providing new laptops to full-time, first-year students since 2004. These Fujitsu T Series laptops are configured to accommodate DSU academic programs. They come with licensed software and provide access to secure campus networks. DSU also offers on-campus helpdesk and laptop repair services. 

Moravian University: Free MacBook Pro Laptops and iPads 

Moravian University provides all incoming students with MacBook Pro laptops and iPads. The MacBook features a pre-installed app that allows users to download software and access campus resources. AppleCare+ warranties cover hardware and software, and the University's IT help desk provides technical troubleshooting. 

In the face of digital transformation, the educational sector has seen significant changes. Brands like Fusion Global Academy, K12, American National University, Dakota State University, and Moravian University are leading the way in online education. These institutions not only provide flexible learning solutions but also offer students the tools they need to succeed in the digital era. Whether it's personalized, live online learning, tuition-free virtual schooling, or free laptops for remote learning, these brands are shaping the future of education.