Tv Setup & Mounting Service Options

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Television has come a long way since its inception, from the bulky and heavy CRT sets to the sleek and slim flat screen TVs we see today. Mounting a flat screen TV on the wall is an excellent way to save space and improve the aesthetics of a room. It also provides a better viewing experience and can help protect the TV from accidents or theft. However, TV mounting can be a complex and time-consuming task that requires expertise and specialized tools. This is where professional TV mounting services come in. In this article, we will discuss some of the top TV mounting service providers and their offerings.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a well-known electronics retailer that also offers a range of in-home services, including professional TV mounting. When you choose Best Buy for your TV mounting needs, you can be assured that their agents will follow all CDC and government recommendations on protective gear such as face masks, gloves, social distancing, and sanitization to keep you safe during the installation process.

The in-home service provided by Best Buy includes mounting the TV to drywall (additional cost above fireplace), with the mount sold separately. They will also connect the TV to multiple video devices within a single room, program your remote control (cable or satellite), and neatly dress wires and cables. Additionally, they will connect the TV and devices to your Wi-Fi network, hide audio and video cables in-wall (cables sold separately), perform TV and video device updates, configure up to 2 streaming services, and configure an existing voice control device for basic TV control commands. They also offer education on the functionality of your TV and video devices.

As part of their service, Best Buy can haul away and recycle your old TV or move it to another spot in your home. The cost for their professional TV mounting service starts at $249.99.


Costco, a popular wholesale retailer, also offers a TV mounting service through their Handy Premier partnership. This service allows you to have a TV of any size up to 100" mounted to any wall. The package also includes the mounting of a soundbar and two front speakers at no extra cost. With availability from 7 am to 11 pm, you can book a time that suits your schedule.

The Handy Premier - TV Mounting Service includes connecting the TV to power and up to three devices (e.g., cable, soundbar) and switching it on. The cost for this service is $149.99.


HelloTech is a technology support company that offers a range of services, including TV mounting. Their TV Dismount or Remount service includes dismounting your TV from the wall, disconnecting and removing any relevant AV components, neatly packaging the TV and components in a box you provide, and removing the mount from the wall. They also offer concealment of in-wall-rated wires where applicable (additional charges apply).

The cost for HelloTech's TV Dismount or Remount service starts at $79, with a discounted member price of $69.


Exchange is another provider of Handy TV Mounting Services, offering a range of packages to suit different needs. Their basic package includes mounting your new flat screen TV, regardless of the brand, on the wall with perfect centering and no mess.

There are additional packages available, including Handy TV Mounting Service Plus On-Wall Wire Concealment and Handy TV Mounting Service Plus In-Wall Wire Concealment. These options provide added benefits and a cleaner installation, depending on your preferences.

The cost for Exchange's Handy TV Mounting Service starts at $119.00.

Professional TV mounting services can save you time and effort, while ensuring your TV is securely mounted and properly connected. Best Buy, Costco, HelloTech, and Exchange are just a few of the providers that offer expert TV mounting services, each with their unique offerings and price points. By considering your specific needs, budget, and the services provided by these brands, you can make an informed decision on which TV mounting service is right for you. Happy viewing!