Automate the Hiring Process Your Way

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) can help you manage your hiring process efficiently by automating tasks such as resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate communication. Find out how an ATS can benefit your company and streamline your recruitment efforts.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have become a critical component in the recruitment process for companies of all sizes. These software solutions help streamline the hiring process by automating tedious tasks such as resume screening, candidate communication, interview scheduling, and more. 

Benefits of Using Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are software applications designed to help employers streamline their recruitment and hiring process by automating tasks such as resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate communication. In recent years, the adoption of ATS has become increasingly popular among organizations of all sizes and industries. Here are some of the benefits of using applicant tracking systems:

  1. Improved Candidate Quality: Applicant tracking systems allow recruiters to automate the screening process and filter out unqualified candidates quickly. As a result, recruiters are left with a pool of candidates who match the job requirements, which leads to better hiring decisions and improved candidate quality.

  2. Time-saving: Recruitment can be a time-consuming process that involves multiple steps such as posting job ads, reviewing resumes, and scheduling interviews. With an ATS, recruiters can automate these tasks and streamline the recruitment process. This allows recruiters to focus their time and efforts on more important tasks such as evaluating candidates and conducting interviews.

  3. Increased Efficiency: By automating various recruitment tasks, ATS enables recruiters to handle a larger volume of applications, which would be difficult to manage manually. An ATS can also help recruiters to quickly identify the most qualified candidates by analyzing their resumes and applications, which leads to a more efficient recruitment process.

  4. Enhances Collaboration: With an ATS, recruiters can easily share candidate information with other members of the recruitment team. This feature allows for better collaboration between team members and helps to avoid communication gaps.

  5. Compliance with Regulations: An ATS can help employers comply with legal requirements related to hiring. These systems typically include features that help to eliminate bias, ensure equal opportunities for all candidates, and provide a record of the hiring process in case of audits or legal challenges.

Using an ATS can offer a variety of benefits to employers, including improved candidate quality, time-saving, increased efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and compliance with hiring regulations. These benefits make applicant tracking systems a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes looking to streamline their recruitment process and make better hiring decisions.

Top ATS Software

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR offers two packages to cater to the HR needs of companies at different stages. The Essentials package includes basic but powerful tools such as employee records, standard reporting & analytics, time-off management, mobile app, employee self-service, and email support. On the other hand, the Advantage package is a complete platform that includes everything in the Essentials package plus onboarding, offboarding, applicant tracking system, e-signatures, employee wellbeing surveys, training tracking, customizable reports, phone & chat support, and open API. Bamboo HR also offers add-ons such as payroll, performance management, and time tracking. To get a quote, interested parties can request a free price quote online.


Zoho Recruit's ATS software offers multi-channel candidate sourcing, candidate management across the hiring process, bias mitigation from the interview process, real-time reports and insights, and autopilot workflows. The platform helps recruiters improve the candidate experience and makes the hiring process more efficient. Pricing for Recruit starts at $30/recruiter/month.


Breezy's ATS helps teams advertise jobs, attract talent, and make better hiring decisions in less time. With its customizable drag & drop candidate pipelines, full email and calendar integration, and one-click job posting on 50+ job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn, Breezy simplifies the hiring process. Time-saving automations also help simplify scheduling, screening, and communications. Users can get a bird's eye view of their candidate pipeline with Breezy's visual drag & drop interface and customize pipelines for different roles. Breezy's pricing model is quote-based, and interested parties can get a quote online.


Rippling's Talent Management offers a modern platform that enables businesses to find, develop, and engage top talent. With Rippling, recruiters can post job openings to every job board with one click, set up custom hiring workflows and processes, automate calendaring and scheduling, build custom reports, and track compliance training. Users can also access hundreds of pre-made courses to support employee career growth and retention. Rippling's pricing starts at $8 per month, per user, and interested parties can request a custom quote based on their specific needs.


Greenhouse offers a comprehensive recruiting platform that includes features such as streamlined interview scheduling software, candidate activity tracking, @mentions, shared application review, approval workflows, different permissions for various stakeholders, structured hiring scorecards, and toolkits. With Greenhouse, recruiters can find, track, vet, and hire the best candidates to move their company forward. Interested parties can request a demo online to learn more about Greenhouse's pricing and features.

An ATS is an essential tool for any company looking to streamline their hiring process and make better hiring decisions in less time. The brands mentioned above are some of the top ATS solutions on the market today. To choose the right ATS for your company, consider your specific needs and budget, and explore the features and pricing models of each brand.