Junk Removal: Clear Your Home Of Clutter

When you find yourself spending more time at home the sheer amount of clutter begins to be more noticeable. Staying at home also gives you the ability to attack those jobs you have been putting off such as cleaning out and organizing your closets, garage, shed and kitchen areas. While a clean an organized space can be uplifting, what are you going to do with all the stuff that no longer “sparks joy”?  Junk removal services can assist with carting off all those items you no longer want. However, before you make an appointment with a junk hauler near you, take the time to do a little education. Your wallet will thank you.

Not all junk removal services operate in the same way, or offer the same level of service. Some only haul larger items such as appliances and furniture. Others will haul anything, but will only take your unwanted items to the local landfill. If the furniture and appliances are still in good working order some companies will take them to the local charity organizations, such as Goodwill. Hiring a company that will do the job you want them to do as well as offer you a fair price is key to saying farewell to your unwanted items cheaply and efficiently. Use this quick reference list to choose the best junk removal service near you.

What Junk Removal Services Do

Good junk hauling services do more than just haul your unwanted items away. If you want the items hauled to a specific place, such as a charity or local nonprofit organization, will the company you are interested in honor that request? It pays to ask the company where they intend to take the items or if you have any say as to where they go.

Read the Reviews of Junk Hauling Companies

Most junk hauling companies depend on a good digital presence, and this includes favorable reviews. With such companies as YELP, consumers have more ability to read what others are saying about a company or product. Take the time to research the reviews on the junk hauling company you are considering, especially if the junk hauler is fairly local to you. Customer experiences may vary from one location to the next. Do not overlook social media such as Facebook or Twitter to see what others have said about this company.

Junk Hauling Services and Pricing

Prices for national junk removal services vary from state to state and even from one county to the next. Pricing is largely dependent on what you need them to haul, how far they have to come to pick it up and how the items are disposed of after pick up. In addition, if the movers must negotiate stairs or the item is particularly heavy to lift it could add to your cost. Ask for an estimate ahead of time, but understand that there may be an adjustment once the movers show up to remove your items.

What a Junk Removal Company Hauls Off

Junk removal companies haul quite a few items, many that might surprise you. For example, most movers can haul off:

  • Yard waste.
  • Construction debris.
  • Appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Electronics
  • Hot tubs.

For the most part, if they can lift it and put it on the truck, they will haul it off. Most companies refuse to haul or move anything considered dangerous, such as gasoline containers, or hazardous materials.

Top Junk Hauling Companies

While not an exhaustive list, the following companies have good ratings with the Better Business Bureau and have been in business for 10 years or more. A good rule of thumb is to select several that service your area, and then check the local reviews for their services. Last, check the pricing. Perhaps the service you go with is not the cheapest quote, but their reviews are stellar. In the end, paying just a little more to work with people who will treat you respectfully may be worth it.


This is one of the largest junk moving companies in the U.S. What has made them very popular is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their reviews are good and they have been in business for more than 20 years. When it is possible, they haul your gently used items to a recycling center or to a nonprofit organization.

Since it is a very large organization it should be easy to locate one operating in your area. You can book your appointment online and they offer an online estimator so you can get a ballpark idea of what you will pay. Expect to pay between $140-$699.

Junk King

Junk King is also one of the longest operating removal companies in the U.S. Their price transparency makes them a favorite with customers. This is evidenced in the majority of their excellent reviews. Not only do they offer flexibility to work within your budget, but they can offer a price matching guarantee. If another company offers you a lower price for the same job, they will meet it or beat it. They recycle up to 60% of what they haul. Expect to pay around $99-$650.

College H.U.N.K.S. Hauling Junk and Moving

If you are looking for a full-service junk moving company, then College HUNKS is a good choice. Full service includes hauling your junk off as well as helping you move into a new home. If you find yourself in between residences, waiting for a lease to end and another to begin, they also offer short and long term storage options. Nearly 70% of the junk they haul off for you is donated or recycled. The prices vary widely but is based on how much space on the truck your items use. 

Where to Find Junk Hauling Services Near You

Finding a junk removal service that will do everything you want is possible. Doing a search locally, for both the large national companies, as well as local movers can save you money. The closer the movers are to you, the cheaper it might be. Locate local junk haulers through national placement agencies such as: