Bidets for All Settings

In recent years, bidets have become increasingly popular as people seek to improve their personal hygiene and reduce their use of toilet paper. From basic models to high-end luxury bidet toilet seats, there are many different options available on the market.

Bidets come in various styles and designs to fit any bathroom decor and can be easily installed. Discover the benefits of bidets and improve your personal hygiene while reducing your environmental impact. Let’s take a closer look at five different bidets from popular brands to help you find the one that suits your needs and budget.

Tushy Classic 3.0

First up is the Tushy Classic 3.0 bidet. This model is priced at $99 and comes in white with a bamboo knob. It features a new patented self-cleaning SmartSpray™ nozzle that offers a precise and hygienic cleaning experience. The bidet is easy to install in just 8 ½ minutes or less, thanks to its universal fit. It also includes a new water pressure control and a precision nozzle adjuster. The naturally antimicrobial bamboo or brass knob adds a touch of elegance, and the slim body with patented buildup-resistant design saves space in your bathroom. Tushy offers on-demand support, and the bidet comes with a 60-day risk-free guarantee. With over 7,500 5-star reviews, the Tushy Classic 3.0 bidet is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality, affordable bidet.

Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Toilet Seat from Bidet King

Next is the Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Toilet Seat from Bidet King. This model is priced at $524.00 and comes with a 7/8" metal T-valve, bidet seat supply hose, 90-degree elbow, 7/8" to 3/8" metal braided hose, mounting screws, seat mounting bracket, and batteries for the remote. The direct inlet flow type bidet offers warm water for cleansing and has an adjustable water temperature and water pressure. You can choose oscillating or pulsating spray, and the touch-screen remote control with two programmable user presets makes it easy to adjust and set your personal preferences. The self-cleaning function uses UV light to automatically clean the stainless steel wand, and the carbon filter helps control odors. The heated seat with adjustable temperature settings and warm-air drying system with adjustable temperature settings provide additional comfort. The Bio Bidet BB-2000 is also ergonomically designed for comfortable seating and fits most elongated toilets.

Kohler C³®-230

The Kohler C³®-230 is an elongated bidet toilet seat with remote control. This luxury bidet is priced at $899.97 and comes with a range of features to enhance your personal hygiene and comfort. The heated seat has adjustable temperature settings, and the built-in nightlight illuminates the bowl to serve as a nightlight. The self-cleaning stainless steel wand uses UV light for automatic cleaning, and the front and rear wash modes provide warm water for cleansing. 

The bidet also includes an in-line heater that provides continuously heated water for consistent comfort. The touch-screen remote control allows you to adjust and set all your personal preferences, from water temperature and pressure to seat temperature and air-drying. The bidet has an energy-saving function and includes a carbon filter for odor control. The Quiet-CloseTM elongated lid and seat prevents slamming, and the Grip-Tight bumpers hold the seat firmly in place. The bidet is ergonomically designed for comfortable seating and fits most elongated toilets.

Blaux Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer

For those looking for a more portable option, the Blaux Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer is a convenient, rechargeable travel bidet designed for personal cleaning. Weighing only 5.75 ounces, this handheld bidet is perfect for both men and women and can be used as a baby and postpartum essential. With a 3000mAh battery, it can provide 40-50 washes on a single charge. The Blaux bidet offers two water pressure options and is easy to use with a cordless, handheld design. It is also IPX6 water-resistant and features 180-degree maneuverability for added convenience. This portable travel washlet includes a charging dongle, 3x ID color rings, and an instruction manual. The Blaux Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer is available for $69.99.

Brondell GS-85BLU GoSpa Advanced + Travel Bidet

The Brondell GS-85BLU GoSpa Advanced + Travel Bidet is another portable option for on-the-go cleaning. This handheld bidet has a 500ml capacity and features temperature and water pressure control. The plastic bidet is lightweight and easy to store, making it perfect for travel. It includes a warranty and has a horizontal spray design. The Brondell GS-85BLU GoSpa Advanced + Travel Bidet is available for $31.42.

Bidets are obviously a popular alternative to traditional methods of personal hygiene. They offer a more gentle and effective way to clean oneself, while also reducing the environmental impact of toilet paper usage. With a wide range of options available, including handheld and portable models, bidets are accessible to people of all lifestyles and budgets. As awareness grows about the many benefits of bidets, it is likely that they will become even more prevalent in households around the world. Whether for health, hygiene, or sustainability reasons, bidets offer a compelling solution for anyone seeking a cleaner, more eco-friendly way to stay fresh and clean.