Top Ten Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps help graduates obtain high-paying stable careers fast. Read ahead to learn about the top-10 coding bootcamps available today. 

Coding skills are necessary to obtain a stable and lucrative career as a data scientist, web developer or IT consultant. The careers of top cybersecurity experts are also founded upon coding training from top institutions or bootcamp facilitators. Coding bootcamps last only a few weeks to a few months on average but still assist alumni with high-percentage job placement opportunities. Read ahead to learn about the top-10 coding bootcamps available today.

How Coding Bootcamps Help with Job Placement and Career Changes

The top coding bootcamps are designed to instill attending students with a job placement mindset. This means courses are created to not only give students the training they need to compete for high-profile positions in the workforce, but to also expedite the hiring process. Many top bootcamp programs partner with some of the most powerful tech-based firms in the industry. Internships are granted to qualified students. It is also common for bootcamps to pair students one-on-one with some of the best coding mentors available. A few of the best coding bootcamps also guarantee job placement within a certain amount of time post-graduation or your tuition is refunded in full.

Top-10 Coding Bootcamps Open Today

The top paid coding programs in the U.S. provide courses and training to help students acquire career positions within six months after graduating. Free coding training programs also exist through resources such as Coursera. Acquiring the best coding job and salary possible generally requires a certificate or degree from one of the best coding learning facilities available, however. The top-10 coding bootcamps today are:

  1. Flatiron School (4.89 out of 5).

  2. Ironhack (4.86 out of 5).

  3. Bloc (4.85 out of 5).

  4. The Tech Academy (4.8 out of 5).

  5. Thinkful (4.75 out of 5).

  6. Epicodus (4.74 out of 5).

  7. AppAcademy (4.71 out of 5).

  8. Tech Talent South (4.7 out of 5).

  9. Hack Reactor (4.7 out of 5).

  10. The Coding Dojo (4.4 out of 5).

10. The Coding Dojo

The Coding Dojo facilitates one of the leading full-stack programming bootcamps in the U.S. today. Emerging technologies, Cybersecurity and Data Science courses are also available. The Coding Dojo’s proprietary online learning platform is innovative. Curriculum options are comprehensive, with over twenty hours of optional content available outside required courses. Tuition for paid courses ranges between approximately $9,000 and $16,000+ per year, with financing options available. Bootcamps last between twelve and thirty-two-weeks and include regular and accelerated scheduling options.

9. Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor facilitates 12-week comprehensive web development and coding bootcamps, which include eight-hundred curriculum hours. Graduates from these online or on-campus bootcamps enter the workforce as full-stack software engineers and web developers. Many Hack Reactor alumni acquire jobs working for high-profile companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google. Average post-graduate earnings are a healthy $105,000 per year. In-house and third-party scholarships are available to offset the above-average $18,000 tuition. Hack Reactor offers courses including:

  • JQuery.

  • Express.

  • Full-stack web development.

  • CoffeeScript.

  • Blockchain.

8. Tech Talent South

Tech Talent South facilitates Code Immersion bootcamps in the U.S. South and Southwest. Coding bootcamps are also available in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. Courses include iOS development, data science, web design, JavaScript and more. Bootcamps vary in price based on multiple factors. The Coding Immersion program costs $4,750 and all programs include guest speakers and networking events (for current and former students). Tech Talent South also offers a ten-percent-down flexible installment payment plan to help with tuition costs.

7. AppAcademy

The 12-week full-stack developer training bootcamp facilitated by AppAcademy is an excellent choice for students with no prior coding experience. The bootcamp is full-time and utilizes a hands-on approach to build JavaScript and Ruby on Rails programs from the ground up. A 4-week bootcamp preparatory course is available for $2,999. The 12-week bootcamp costs $17,000. Courses taught at the AppAcademy bootcamp include:

  • Advanced algorithms.

  • SQL.

  • HTML.

  • Design principles.

  • JQuery.

6. Epicodus

Epicodus bootcamps are held in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Two highly beneficial features included in the Epicodus curriculum are assistance with portfolio development and interviewing skills. Another top feature involves the placement of Epicodus students into high-profile internships with select companies such as Cloudability and Livingsocial. Each course costs $6,900, with five 27-week bootcamp tracks available, including:

  • Java and Android.

  • C# and .Net.

  • PHP and Drupal.

  • Ruby and Rails.

  • CSS and Design.

5. Thinkful 475

Thinkful offers data science, web design and web development bootcamps taught with an employment-ready mindset. Thinkful students get the benefit of partnering with a personal mentor. Graduates of the full-stack development and data science bootcamps are also guaranteed jobs within six months (or full tuition is refunded). Courses include data science and engineering immersion as well as JavaScript, NodeJS and Python. Thinkful tuition costs $9,500 and facilities are available in multiple regions around the country.

4. The Tech Academy 

Tech Academy graduates leave the institution’s Denver or Pacific Northwest bootcamps with the software developer skills necessary to acquire junior-level career positions. The curriculum is structured to prioritize the accommodation of self-paced learning. Bootcamps essentially last 26-weeks and include courses such as GitTub, Visual Studio, project management and scrum. Tuition costs $11,700 for on-campus and online platforms.

3. Bloc

The bootcamps facilitated by Bloc last either twelve, eighteen or thirty-six weeks. Courses include immersive full-stack and front-end web development. Additional courses include UX design and iOS and Android development. Video tutorials are not made available, but all students are paired with a personal mentor. Bloc bootcamps are held on-site in San Francisco, CA or online. Tuition costs $8,500 and includes portfolio development and mastery learning assessments.

2. Ironhack

Ironhack facilitates bootcamps in the U.S as well as multiple international locations. All part-time and full-time bootcamps are taught in-person only. Tuition costs $11,000 and includes course options such as UI/UX design and development and full-stack web development. Because Ironhack is a global learning institution its students are afforded unique post-graduate job opportunities with its many corporate partners from around the world.

1. Flatiron School 

The Flatiron School facilitates part-time and full-time web and mobile development bootcamps. Its highly rated online and on-campus (New York City) courses include CSS, Swift, AngularJS HTML and many more. Online bootcamps cost $12,000 and the NYC on-campus program costs $15,000. The Flatiron school also funds scholarships for qualified female students and provides provide technical education training to groups of underrepresented candidates.