Commercial Cleaning Services: Maintaining Safety In Todays Climate!

There are many challenges with running a business, especially in 2020. Because of the Coronavirus, many nonessential businesses were forced to shut down for long periods of time. Even with businesses reopening, there are still a number of safety issues to address. One of the first steps businesses must take to address the Coronavirus is updating their cleaning services.


The best way to ensure your business is being properly cleaned is to hire a commercial cleaning service. Commercial cleaners are different than traditional custodial cleaners. Custodians focus on small, day to day cleaning, such as emptying trash cans or mopping the floors. While these services are important, it is not enough to completely clean a building. Commercial cleaners focus on thoroughly cleaning an office or warehouse, using specialized equipment and advanced technique to destroy germs in your workplace. Commercial cleaners focus on offices, warehouses and other workspaces. However, some commercial cleaners also offer thorough home cleaning services, but this is classified as residential cleaning services.

When to Hire Commercial Cleaners

Before the Coronavirus, companies normally hired a commercial cleaner once or twice throughout the year. In order to maintain safe working conditions, companies are encouraged to hire commercial cleaners more frequently, with many businesses opting for a cleaning every couple of months. Numerous commercial cleaning companies provide discounts if you schedule multiple appointments throughout the year. How often you hire a company largely depends on the size of your workplace, your average number of employees and customers and the type of business you run. If your employees have their own workplaces and do not see customers in the main building, you can get away with fewer cleanings.

Services Provided by Commercial Cleaners

Each commercial cleaner offers different services, but there are several standard services commonly performed by all companies. The first is extensive carpet cleaning and window washing, utilizing advanced carpet extractors and sweepers. Commercial cleaning also includes tile, grout and other hard surface cleaning. This is followed up with furniture and upholstery cleaning. The outside of your workplace is also cleaned as well using a power washer.

Cleaning methods may change depending on how frequently you hire a commercial cleaner. For example, many commercial cleaners only perform hot water extracted carpet once or twice throughout the year, using different methods during other scheduled cleanings.

Cost of Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaners typically use two pricing methods. The first is to charge based on the side of your workplace. In some cases, there may be additional charges depending on where you work. This is most common if you work in a specialized field, such as a medical facility. The extra charges are either because the commercial cleaners need to use different cleaning equipment or change their methods for safety reasons.

Other commercial cleaners offer an hourly rate, typically between $30 and $40. While it is less common, there are some services available for a fixed rate. Typically, commercial cleaners offer these rates for smaller facilities. They may also give you a fixed rate if you are scheduling a single cleaning. You can expect to pay around $100 per floor.

Some commercial cleaners have increased their rates because of the Coronavirus. The additional fees cover the costs of new protective equipment, or covering hazard pay for employees. You may be able to mitigate these additional costs by scheduling multiple cleanings throughout the year and getting a discount.

Tips for Selecting a Commercial Cleaner

In 2020, hiring a commercial cleaner is more important than ever. Do not make the mistake of hiring the first cleaning service you find. It is recommended to make a list of several candidates. Once you narrow down your selection, call up each of the cleaners to discuss rates and ask questions. Some questions to ask include how long the cleaning process takes, are discounts available for multiple cleanings and what type of buildings do the cleaners specialize in.

You can also ask for references. Any legitimate commercial cleaner can provide a list of previous clients. It is also common for a company website to include a list of reviews. Once you find a company you are happy with, set up a written contract. The contract should detail all of the services provided by the cleaners, along with how much each task costs. This keeps the company from adding on additional charges after the cleaning.

If you are unsure where to find a commercial cleaner, there are several larger companies to consider. The first is Anago Cleaning Systems, which has over 1700 locations throughout the United States. Anago offers new customers total satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with their services, the company sends new cleaners out within two hours to address your concerns.

If you are in the southern part of the United States, look for Bonus Building Care. Bonus Building Care specializes in cleaning many unique workspaces, including schools, entertainment venues and healthcare centers.

Jani-Kang is another cleaning service available for unique businesses. Jani-Kang primarily deals with larger spaces, such as hotels, college campuses and sports venues, but there are cleaning plans available for smaller locations as well.