Computer Training for Adults: Enhance Your Future

 The importance of computer skills has only increased in light of the ongoing pandemic and the subsequent circumstances. With the majority of businesses from around the world moving online, it is imperative for adults to learn computer skills. This is particularly true if they are to progress in their field of work. As bold as it sounds, it is no child’s play for an individual with poor computer skills to endure the complexities of a high-tech world. Having computer skills is the fad, and the sooner you get on board, the better it is for you.

Not only does knowing computer skills help save time and simplify the otherwise mundane tasks in everyday life, it helps you to focus on other tasks and rounds out your resume. You would not find a business worth its salt that does not exploit the wonders of computers. Employment for companies today requires you to know basic computer skills. This makes it clear to your employer that you are acquainted with up to the minute happenings and know your way around the high-tech world. What is more, knowing computer skills gives the impression of intelligence and authority, which may translate into a better position or a promotion. There has never been a better time to improve your computer skills than now. Use this basic guide on where to find online classes offering computer training and what to expect.


Menanga is an excellent website that offers services for starters aspiring to gain knowledge of common software programs like Microsoft Office Word and Excel. They give instructions to pupils through online videos based on the basics of these programs.

This website is for beginners of any age who are in search of computer lessons that are thorough, easily understood, and can be taken at the pace of the student. Courses on the latest programs as well as tutorials on program update are consistently uploaded so that users can be aware of the state of the art technology.


MIT and Harvard’s EdX

Harvard University and MIT are world-famous Ivy League institutes devoted to making advancements in education at high levels. Both these universities collaborated to bring forth edX, which provides free accessible courseware or textbooks that can be downloaded. Advanced degrees in computer training often come with expensive required materials, so the ability to download textbooks cheaply means more students can take the classes. edX is for courses in electrical engineering and computer science offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All instruction is offered by world-renowned teachers.

LinkedIn Learning (Beginner Computer Skills Courses)

Not only is LinkedIn a professional gateway in the world of social media, but you will also find it to be a resourceful library of classes on computer skills. Several online reviews portray LinkedIn Learning Center to be one of the most resourceful platforms for individuals  wanting to learn basic computer skills. 

Also, if you do not already have a LinkedIn Profile, having one allows you to familiarize yourself with crucial computer skills to bolster your professional standing (as well as improve your connection with colleagues and those looking to employ). In order to sign up, start by creating a LinkedIn profile, and make use of the instructions to set up your free account.


Google Career Certificates

This program offers the opportunity to be taught job-ready skills to begin or develop your career in high-demand fields. IT Support is offered as one of the courses currently available, and these courses are hosted with coursera. It is not a free platform but there are scholarships as well as grants.


Udemy (Computer Skills Courses)

Udemy is a platform offering a wide variety of classes and certificates. Each course is self contained and offered in modules. Depending on the course you decide to take, there may also be one-on-one chat sessions with the instructor. Nearly all the instructors give the student the option of emailing or meeting via online chat to discuss anything of concern regarding the course.  The fees range in cost, but most introductory computer classes cost around $20. To find a course, use the search bar at the top. If you require a certain certification after completion of the course, make sure to include that in the search filter. Once you find a course and instructor you like, take an extra few minutes to read an overview by clicking on each listed course, then watch a preview so that you make up your mind about paying for that particular course.  Where most courses are concerned, you get a completion certificate by Udemy that can be added to your profile on LinkedIn or your resume.