Find Dog Walking Services

Your dog is part of your family. You take excellent care of your dog and give him or her all the love you have.

While you are gone for long hours at work, school or other locations your dog still needs exercise and a chance to use the bathroom regardless of how patiently he or she waits for your return. Hiring a dog walking service is an excellent solution, but how do you find the best dog walking services near you?

Local dog walking services are available to help keep your dog on a healthy routine all week long. National dog walking services are also available in your area through large pet store chains and specific dog walking businesses. How much do dog walking services cost on average? What are some of the best dog walking services available in the U.S. today? Read ahead for an informative guide on how to find dog walking services near you today.

Why Hire a Dog Walking Service?

Your pets are family members in your home and deserve the best life possible. When you are gone for work, school or other responsibilities for eight to twelve hours a day you expect to take regular breaks and use the bathroom when needed. Your dog sits at home patiently (or impatiently) waiting for your return and he or she deserves the same fresh air & bathroom breaks as you.

A dog left alone for repeatedly long periods of time might begin to lose incremental degrees of obedience. Separation anxiety might cause your dog to begin destroying furniture or other valuable items. Anxiety might also cause your dog to start using the bathroom inside. A dog walking service gives your dog companionship, exercise and a sense of normalcy. A dog walking service lets your dog know he or she is cared for even when you are gone, which helps keep behavior in check.

Average Costs

Researching the average costs for hiring a dog walking service might take some comparison-shopping to understand how prices are set. A local walking service operated by a single person likely offers individualized rates compared to the Doggie Day Camp services as provided by Pet Smart. Some dog walking services charge per walk and how long each walk takes to complete. Some services charge hourly and prorate based on the amount of time spent with your dog.

For example, walks might be billed in fifteen, thirty, forty-five or sixty-minute increments at an hourly rate/wage. Travel might or might not be included in the wages and, if not, possibly billed as an additional expense. Average dog walking rates are similar to those charged by local massage therapists or music teachers. An hour walk might cost $45-$60+. A half-hour walk might cost $20-$30+. Younger, private dog walkers looking to earn extra cash might charge cheaper rates than those charged by full-time professional services. Discounts might be applied for multiple walks per day and/or multiple days hired per week. Do you own more than one dog? An additional $5-$10 fee might apply per extra dog when walking two or more dogs at once.

Great Benefits

Great benefits come from hiring a dog walking service in 2021. These great benefits apply to your dog, you and your entire family as applicable. A well-behaved dog makes life easier for everyone in your home. A happy dog helps make your children and you happy as well, even on the worst of days. Coming home to discover your dog used the bathroom on your carpet or kitchen floor is not atop any person’s bucket list, including yours. Hiring a dog walking service prevents bathroom accidents from happening while you are gone, which also reduces separation/general anxiety in your dog.

Dogs are creatures of habit by nature. Knowing a midday walk is coming gives your dog a sense of well-deserved normalcy and also something positive for which to look forward. Some dog walking services walk dogs from multiple families at once. Others include taking your dog to a dog park or a park in general. This gives your dog a chance to fraternize with other dogs and receive much-needed exercise. Regular, daily exercise from routine walks also helps burn out the instinct to chew or otherwise destroy your valuable property and/or furniture in response to anxiety or a simple need to be active while alone. Instead of chewing your sofa your dog is more likely to nap after returning from a vigorous walk with a dog walking service.

Services Provided

Dog walking businesses provide a wide variety of services depending on how large the company is and the experience level of the walker. Many dog walkers take dogs out in rain or shine, summer heat or winter snow. Your dog is picked up at the same time every assigned day and returned at the same time as well. These times might vary slightly based on traffic and weather, but a dog walker is providing a paid service and likely needs to maximize their time to get to the next happy client.

Dog walking services might also check water and food levels for your dog. Some dog walking services provide GPS locations services via a smartphone app so you know where your dog is (and when) at all times during each walk. Additional services provided by dog walking businesses include:

  • Cleaning up any pet waste made while walking.
  • Taking pictures/videos of your dog during walks.
  • Observing your dog’s health & behavior.
  • Taking precautions to assure your dog is safe (and in a safe environment) during all walks.
  • Reporting any incidents.

Top National Dog Walking Services 2021

Thumbtack provides excellent resources for finding top dog walking services in your area. The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) also helps you locate top-recommended dog walking services around the country. Your dog walker needs to have a rapport with your dog, provide excellent references, earn your trust and provide transparent service rates. Some of the top national dog walking services in 2021 include:

  • Average price for walks: $20.
  • PetBacker:Prices per walk start at $15.
  • Fetch! Pet Care: While their pricing isn't readily available, individual quotes can be requested.
  • If you are looking for long term pet sitting/ walking, Holidog offers a 12 month plan at $9 a month.
  • Barkly: Barkly requires creating a free account, but offers access to a large network of Dog Walkers and pet sitters.
  • Wag!: Affordable pricing based on breed, age, and size.