Professional Fencing Installation: Find The Best

Discover all the benefits of installing a fence in your yard. Learn about fence materials and several of the top professional fencing companies.

One of the best parts of owning your own home is being able to freely make changes to your property, including the yard. There are a variety of projects available, with one popular choice being the addition of a fence. Installing a fence might seem like a simple project, but it is more challenging than most homeowners realize. With enough experience and materials, it can be a do-it-yourself project, but more often than not, a professional fencing service is required. Trying to do it on your own only to hire a professional ultimately costs you more money and takes longer for the fence to get installed.

An important consideration when installing a fence is where you want the fence to go. Depending on your location, you may need to file for state permits or risk not only having the fence removed, but paying a fine. Even if your state has few requirements, you must be aware of where your utility lines are before you begin installation. By hiring a professional fencing company, you avoid all these issues while also getting an expert opinion to help you pick the best materials and placement for your fence.

Benefits of Installing a Fence

While many homeowners install fences because it is a way to enhance how their yard looks, there are also practical benefits to adding a fence. Fences act as a natural sound barrier, which is helpful if you live in a busy neighborhood or live close to a highway. The overall effectiveness varies depending on the material, with wood and vinyl typically being the best choices to limit sound. Fences not only block sound out, but keep it in. This is perfect if you have young children who enjoy playing outside and don’t want to risk upsetting your neighbors.

Fencing also adds an extra layer of security. While it might not seem like the best way to ward out intruders, thieves typically look for the easiest houses to target. Even something as small as a fence adds an unwanted complication. If you aren’t worried about security, fences still add a greater sense of privacy, so you can comfortably enjoy your yard without feeling observed.

If you have pets, creating a fenced in area is a great way to let your pets out without fear of them running away. This is especially helpful if your family is normally out of the house during the day because of work or school. Instead of worrying about your pet being cooped up, you can give them free access to run and play in the fenced portion of your yard.

Getting an Estimate

The first step to getting a fence installed is meeting with the professionals. During the meeting, the fencing company will look over your house to make sure there are no issues with your utility lines. They will also explain whether you need to apply for any permits and walk you through the process. You can ask questions and get recommendations for the best materials. Finally, the company will give you a quote and tell you how long it will take to complete the project.

Wooden Fences

There are many materials you can use in fence construction. Each material has their own advantages, as well as cost. Wood is a popular choice because it’s affordable and there are plenty of variants to choose from. Cedar wood performs well in any climate because it is durable and resists moisture. It also stands up to rot and insects, plus you can easily customize it by staining the wood a different color. In terms of strength, redwood is hard to beat. If price is a concern, pine is the least expensive wood. While it is not as resistant as other woods, you can add a water-proofing solution to increase durability. On average, wooden fences cost between $7 to $15 per foot.

Brick Fences

If you want to enhance the appearance of your home, consider a brick fence. Brick is an elegant material, adding a sophisticated look to your backyard. Brick is a long-lasting material, resistant to most types of weather. It is also one of the most effective materials for reducing noise pollution and providing an extra level of security for your home. However, bricks are more expensive than other fencing materials. The price can vary based on the brick, but on average you can expect between $20 to $40 per square foot. Brick fences require additional support because of the added weight, increasing installation fees. Most services charge an additional $50 to $100 for the added support.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum is commonly used at commercial buildings, including condos or apartments. It requires minimal maintenance, and is an easy material to clean. Aluminum is not as strong as wood or brick, but there are stronger variants available to increase durability. Traditional aluminum fences cost around $10 to $35 per square foot, while stronger models are between $25 to $40.

Iron Fences

Iron is another material well suited for security. It has the same strength as brick, but without the added bulk. Iron is also highly customizable. One downside of iron fences is they require a little more maintenance compared to other fences. Otherwise, the fence may rust or corrode. Iron fences perform best in drier climates to minimize moisture damage. Iron fences cost on average between $25 to $35.

Choosing a Professional Fence Installer

Many local landscapers provide fence installation, but there are some companies that specialize primarily in fencing. Active Yards is one of the fastest growing fencing services. The company only has a few physical stores, but you can use their website to view custom fences and request an on-site consultation. For many homeowners, this is more convenient than having to take a trip to the store. If you want to install your own fence, Active Yards provides kits as well.

If you want a fencer with physical locations, Superior Fence & Rail is an excellent choice. As of writing, the company only operates out of physical stores, with no options to order online. The reason there is no online option is all fence parts are built custom to order, so the providers must visit your home to determine the best materials.

American Fence Company is a reliable fencing company. They have been in business for nearly 100 years. In addition to building custom fences, they also provide fence rentals for special occasions. The company has some of the lowest installation rates and is highly reviewed for their customer service. In addition to fence installation, they also sell customized fencing kits.