Garage Door Repair: Affordable Repair

On average, you can use a garage door between 10,000 and 15,000 times before the door needs to be replaced. While this seems like a long time, it typically translates to five or six years, with an average household using the garage door about 1500 times each year. There is also the possibility you need to repair your garage door sooner due to human error. There are other factors which effect your garage door as well, such as the material of the door and where you live.

Some problems are easy to fix on your own, but if you do not know what you are doing, you risk causing more damage to your garage door. There are many different types of doors, and not all the parts are compatible. An average repair normally costs between $100 and $250. The price is largely based on where you live and the overall extent of the damage.

Most Common Garage Door Issues

If you are comfortable working around the house you may be able to repair your garage door on your own. If you have not worked on a garage door before and are unsure of the exact issue, your best bet is to hire a garage repair service instead. A common issue you can fix on your own is when the door opener stops working. Apply some lubricant and clean off your door cleaner to resolve this issue. This is also an effective solution if your door squeaks or grinds when it opens or closes. Few more common issues below:

  • Cracks or Gaps. You can fill them using a sealant or waterproof filler. This issue is more common with wooden garage doors. If you have larger gaps or holes, you may need to hire a repair service instead.

  • Faulty Opening/Closing. If your door frequently closes before opening fully, you may have a broken spring. If one spring is broken, you are recommended to fix all of the springs. It saves you the hassle of identifying the broken spring, and it is likely when one spring breaks, the others are damaged as well.

  • Photo-eye misaligntment. Garage doors are built with a safety feature called photo-eyes. Photo-eyes is how the door determines when it is safe to close. If the eyes are misaligned, the door constantly senses an obstacle. To avoid damaging whatever is in the way, the door opens up. Realigning the photo eyes is a difficult task, and if you do not know what you are doing, you risk causing even more damage to your door.

Different Types of Garage Doors

Most garage doors are made out if either aluminum, steel or wood. Many consider wood the most decorative choice, but wood is the weakest material to use in a door.

  • Wooden garage doors have a shorter life overall, and suffer the most from water damage. If you live in a rainy neighborhood, consider a different door material. If you decide to go with a wooden door, pick a heavier type of wood. Mahogany, cedar and redwood are highly recommended due to their strength and overall durability.

  • Steel Garage Doors.Most modern-day garages are made out of steel. Steel is a strong material, but it can still be dented with enough force. With a garage door, the most likely source of damage is accidentally hitting the door with your car. The biggest issue with steel is rust. Newer garage doors are built with a fiberglass overlay, reducing rust and providing another layer of protection against accidental dents.

  • Aluminum garage door was the most common material used in garage doors, before steel. High quality aluminum matches the strength of steel, but it is more expensive. The biggest advantage aluminum has over steel is weight. Steel weighs more than aluminum, which can cause a greater strain on the garage, especially if your door rolls upwards. If you have an extra-wide door, you may benefit more from a lighter aluminum door over the traditional steel.

Tips for Picking a Garage Door Repair Service

There are many local repair services you can call for assistance with your garage door. You can also contact a larger chain, such as Garage Door USA, Aladdin Doors, or NationServe. Many home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes, also provide garage door repair services. Before you hire a repair service, make sure to ask the right questions.

Ask about how much the repair will cost, and whether there are any additional surcharges, such as parts or labor. Once the problem is identified, do not be afraid to ask what caused the issue. It is a good idea to ask what you can do in the future to prevent a future issue. If you need to make any major changes, such as changing the material of the door, see if the company is willing to offer a package deal.

Avoid any repair services that charge an upfront fee to look at your garage. A legitimate repair service always determines the problem first, then gives you a price breakdown for their services.