Top 5 Gym Membership Options

Starting your fitness journey? Get started on the right path with the top 5 gym membership options.

Choosing a gym membership that meets your needs to stick to your fitness routine. There are many gym options out there with large clean spaces, various machines, and a positive environment that makes you feel comfortable no matter your fitness level. Finding a gym with a great location, your personal preference for fitness classes, and one that fits your budget is probably top of your list. Whatever your gym goals, there's sure to be one out there that checks all the boxes to keep you on track. 

There are many gyms out there with affordable monthly rates, but most come with a contracted time commitment. Picking a gym is more than choosing the cheapest one. It's about picking one you're comfortable committing to 12 or 24 months without those cancellation fees if it just doesn't make you happy. Your gym should have everything you need to keep you focused and driven on your healthy mindset. Here are the top 5 gym membership options out there. 

1. 24-Hour Fitness

This chain has more than 400 locations across 13 states and is open for business 24/7, making it the perfect gym for people with odd schedules or who are just too busy during the day. The clubs have different levels of gyms, all packed with various amenities. 

What's Included

  • Get the most out of your workout with a wide range of fitness classes anyone can enjoy. Choose from dance, yoga, HIIT, cycle, and more with no additional fees and is included right into your membership. 
  • Achieve your fitness goals with a tailored workout plan personally for you and your specific needs. At an additional cost, you can choose virtual, in-person, or group training sessions.
  • With a membership, you get access to the 24Go app that includes over 2,000 on-demand workouts to fit your fitness needs, personalized fitness plans, and the ability to connect with coaches straight from the app. 


Because 24-Hour fitness has a few different gym options to choose from, the monthly fees vary. The fees average $50 a month, with an annual membership fee of $49. Most clubs have tiered pricing so that you can choose month to month at a higher fee, and some may even charge a joining fee. 

Although this gym is about midrange for membership prices, you get excellent features and services included in the price. 

2. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness runs on a franchise business model and offers over 4,800 gyms worldwide and equips you with your key fob to get in the door without needing a gym employee to let you in. And the great thing is you can gain access to any Anytime Fitness in the world. Perfect for anyone who travels and doesn't want to get out of their gym routine. 

What's Included

  • A gym membership with Anytime Fitness' comes with all the space and equipment you need for a good workout. Most offer a limited selection of fitness classes, but they do include yoga and Zumba. You won't find a sauna, steam room, or pool in any location, but they come with showers and locker rooms. 
  • Your membership comes with a care connect coach to help you determine your personalized fitness goals with virtual or in-person meetings. 


Anytime fitness fees vary depending on your location, but the average cost of a monthly membership is $41 a month. The contract terms can be anywhere from 6-, 12-, or 18-month terms.

3. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is the most affordable gym option out there and prides itself on its judgment-free zone. Feel comfortable hitting the gym without paying hefty monthly fees, and it is the perfect place for fitness beginners and people intimidated by a gym experience.

What's Included

  • The PF Black card gives you access to all 2,000 locations and unlimited access to some locations' spas. The black card gives you access to massage chairs and hydromassage tables to help you ease your muscles and tension. 
  • All Planet Fitness locations are open 24 hours and offer a spacious gym with various high-quality cardio and strength equipment. 
  • Most locations offer free fitness training to help you develop a customized training plan. You can take advantage of small group training sessions all for free.  


The fees for Planet Fitness are straightforward. You have the choice of a standard membership at $10 a month, or you can choose the PF Black card and receive additional benefits for just $12.99 more.

4. Gold's Gym

Gold's gym is a classic bodybuilding-style environment with state-of-the-art fitness equipment to help your strength training plan. This gym is perfect if you want the equipment to build the best strength training routine focusing on heavy lifting and building muscle.

What's Included

  • Like many other gyms, the amenities vary by location, but you can find saunas showers, steam rooms, and lap pools in most locations.

  • Many Gold's gyms offer fitness classes, including mind and body studios for barre or yoga classes.

  • Most of a great fitness routine is diet, and with nutrition counseling, you can get started on your fitness journey on the right path. 


The fees for Golds Gym vary by location, but the average cost of a monthly membership is $25, and most gyms charge an enrollment fee of $49. 

5. LA Fitness

Like Gold's Gym, LA fitness focuses on bodybuilders, and anyone focused on heavy lifting and strength training in general. LA fitness locations choose large locations for Olympic style lifting and fit a large selection of free weights and resistance training machines.

What's Included

  • Even with the marketing towards bodybuilding, LA Fitness has a great selection of group classes for those not interested in lifting weights. Choose from yoga, cycling, kickboxing, circuit classes, and more.
  • Get professional fitness assessments plus a personalized training plan to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • Many gyms have a lap pool, saunas, and an overall well-rounded gym.


LA Fitness has a straightforward fee schedule at $36.99 a month for single access to the club with a $0 joining fee or choose multiple clubs across a single state for $36.99 a month and a $49 joining fee.