Why You Need Radiant Floor Heating in Your Home

Experience the ultimate in-home comfort with heated flooring. From installation to benefits, learn everything you need to know about this modern heating solution. Enjoy warm floors and cozy feet with the latest in heated flooring technology.

When it comes to creating a cozy and comfortable living space, many people tend to focus on furniture and decor. However, one often overlooked aspect of home comfort is flooring. Heated flooring is an innovative heating solution that is rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners. 

Why You Should Consider Heated Floors

One of the main reasons why heated flooring is becoming increasingly popular is its ability to provide a comfortable living environment. Unlike traditional heating systems that rely on blowing hot air, heated floors warm the entire room from the bottom up. This means that heat is evenly distributed, eliminating cold spots and creating a consistent temperature throughout the room.

Heated floors are also an energy-efficient way to heat your home. Because the heat radiates from the floor up, it is able to warm the room more effectively than traditional heating systems, which means you can maintain a comfortable temperature with lower energy usage. Additionally, because heated floors operate at a lower temperature than traditional heating systems, they can help to reduce your energy bills and ultimately save you money.

How Heated Floors are Installed

The installation process for heated flooring varies depending on the type of flooring you have. In general, electric heated flooring systems consist of thin mats or cables that are installed beneath the floor surface. These systems are typically installed during a home renovation or new construction project, as they require access to the subfloor.

If you have a concrete slab floor, a hydronic heating system may be a better option. These systems circulate hot water through a network of pipes that are installed beneath the floor. Hydronic systems are more complex to install than electric systems, and typically require professional installation.

Best Heated Floors You Should Check Out

  1. Warmboard: Warmboard's radiant floor heating systems outperform all other alternatives on the market with faster response times, easier installations, lower energy use, and unparalleled comfort. Their patented technology uses proprietary algorithms to ensure that your home maintains a consistent climate, even as external temperatures rise and fall throughout the day. With room-by-room temperature control, their high-performance system takes efficiency to another level. Unlike forced-air heating systems, Warmboard heats your home evenly, subtly, and quietly, providing a tranquil and peaceful environment. Contact the company for pricing information.

  2. ThermoSoft: Electric radiant floor heating provides clean, energy-efficient warmth without the allergens or dry air associated with traditional forced-air heat. Their affordable system can be installed under any floor type in any space, from a single room to an entire house, and once installed, it requires no regular maintenance. Radiant heat is cleaner because it reduces or eliminates the need for vents and ducts that actively distribute dust and allergens in your home. ThermoSoft's 100% efficient system converts all input energy to heat, making it a more efficient way to stay warm. ThermoSoft's radiant heat typically achieves a comfortable environment at a lower temperature than forced-air heat, resulting in less energy consumption. Contact the company for pricing information.

  3. Warm Your Floors: The SunTouch TapeMat is a 10 Sq Ft Radiant Floor Heating Kit (120V) that includes a 24" wide SunTouch TapeMat radiant floor heating mat with a 10 ft power lead, a SunStat Command Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat, a 15 feet long sensor wire (inside thermostat box), a LoudMouth Installation Alarm (continuity monitor), and double-stick tape with one extra roll. Only 1/8" added floor thickness compared to typical tile installations, and it can be trimmed and flipped to accommodate your layout. Easily adjusted to accommodate curves, angles, and cut-outs. The cost is $454.21.

  4. WarmlyYours: Electric floor heating is an affordable luxury that provides comfortable warmth and has practical benefits. Their electric floor heating products have been rigorously tested and are cULus or cCSAus listed. Electric floor heating is an inexpensive upgrade that doesn't require expensive pumps or water heaters. According to Zillow, homes with heated floors typically sell for 3.2% more. Electric radiant floor heating can be used as your primary heat source or as a way to add supplemental heat to rooms that are tricky to heat. It provides clean heat since it doesn’t rely on forced air, which can circulate dust and other allergens. WarmlyYours's system heats the people and objects in the room directly via infrared heat, making it more energy-efficient than central air systems. Electric radiant floor heating is also inexpensive to operate, and you can heat a typical bathroom for pennies a day. Contact the company for pricing information.

  5. Radiant Made Simple: Their two-component solution makes radiant floor heating simple and affordable. All you need is their RMS panel and your in-floor piping. Their energy-efficient, clean, comfortable, and easy-to-install radiant heat systems are more economical than big box solutions that require many components. Contact the company for a free quote.

Heated flooring is a modern and efficient way to heat your home. Whether you're looking to create a cozy living space or save money on your energy bills, heated floors offer a range of benefits that make them a great investment for any homeowner. With the right installation and maintenance, heated floors can provide years of comfort and energy savings. So if you're considering a home renovation or new construction project, be sure to explore the benefits of heated flooring and see if it's the right choice for you.