Home Workout Programs: Sculpt the Body You Want!

Homework out programs provide nutrition plans and structured training regimens that can be easily performed at home. Common equipment includes yoga mats, dumbbells, and resistance bands, and occasionally a medicine ball. Home workouts are ideal for business with telecommutes because they can help employees increase their endorphins and energy levels throughout the day, increasing productivity. Collectively joining one of the top 5 home workout programs can also be a team-building activity for employees that do not interact in person.


Is a completely online service that offers a plethora of workouts that range from yoga to running to high intensity workouts that you can finish in as little as 45 minutes. They have workouts that will fit your every need even if you think you are a beginner they will have a workout for you. Some workouts included are: Pilates, Post Natal Workouts, muscle building, yoga basics, tone & target, and high intensity workouts with many more included. They start you off with a 60 day free trial and after the trial is up it is $19.95 a month. 


BBG is one of these homework out programs and offers three HIIT workouts per week along with 2-3 low-intensity cardio sessions. It costs $19.99 monthly. Benefits of this program include short workouts and a beginner-friendly system. However, it mostly targets females aged 16-25 and is not safe for pregnancy. These home workouts also require recovery bands, resistance bands, dumbbells, a yoga mat, a foam roller, and a skipping rope. Most of this equipment can be ordered directly on the BBG app or can be found at sporting goods stores.

Another of the top 5 home workout programs, P90x, is a toning- and endurance-focused circuit training program that costs $119.85 annually. It is also a great option for people who want to do ab workouts at home. One benefit of these at home work outs is flexibility and variety, which help prevent boredom and plateaus. However, due to the intensity and demanding schedule, it is not beginner friendly. The program recommends an exercise mat, a pull-up bar, dumbbells, and resistance bands. A medicine ball might also be beneficial.

Beach Body

Beach Body is a program that is designed to target your abs and glutes! All of their workouts are designed to be done within 30 minutes. They offer you 14 days free and after that they offer 6 month plan for $59 and $99 for the full year! 

Core de Force

Core de Force, a martial arts-inspired program, is one of the best homework out programs. It costs $99 yearly and requires no equipment. Because of its rotational moves, it is a great option for ab workouts at home. It is low-impact and offers modifications, making it easily accessible. Although the workouts are short, they still include strength training and insert frequent cardio spikes. However, this program is not safe for people with knee or joint pain.

Fit Girls’ Guide 28-Day

Fit Girls’ Guide 28-Day Jumpstart costs $30 and provides at home work outs. It is beginner-friendly, although it also provides options to challenge people who are already is good shape. This program promotes body positivity, feeling good, wholesome nutrition, and mental health rather than focusing explicitly on weight. It also requires no equipment. However, it mostly targets women, so it is not as accessible overall, and the lack of a strict regimen could make it harder to get results or stay motivated.


Insanity is one of the best homework out programs and focuses on 20-60-minute bodyweight and HIIT workouts. It costs $120 per year and does not require equipment. It is easy to tailor to a day-to-day schedule because it provides a variety of workouts in a wide range of time frames. Since it is very difficult, it is good for burning calories and toning quickly. However, it therefore puts a lot of stress on the body and is inaccessible to beginners, people with injuries, or pregnant women.