How to Choose the Best Paper Shredding Service

Interest in hiring a paper shredding nearby is a good indication of careful procedures being followed at home or at the office. A 2017 IPSOS study found that 64% of data breaches occurred due to human error by an employee or vendor. That is an alarming statistic considering the risk of identity theft and the major headaches it brings to one's life.

Working with experts that know how to protect the privacy and safety of confidential information is key to maintaining home or business documents in order. You can stay up-to-date on paper shredding services near you with our helpful tips!

When is it Time to Consider Document Shredding Services?

There are clear signs that you can look for when a clean up is necessary. Whether it is a home or a business, hiring a shredding company brings great benefits compared to the complicated task of shredding the documents in your own home without the proper tools. Finding shredding services near you can help alleviate the stress and shorten the length of the task. 

These are some signs to look for when that paper build up is getting a little too much for you to bare!

1. Collection of Excessive Piles of Documents

Perhaps the workspace has become a museum for every document that has passed through. A cluttered desk is one of the best indications that it may be time to ask for help with processing and organizing documents. 

Keeping documents organized allows for more productivity. A person will no longer face the frustration of not being able to find what they are looking for amid a mass amount of clutter. A clean space fosters a relaxed and constructive mind.

2. A New Desire to Implement Sustainable Practices

In order to conserve our resources, it's important to ensure that certain materials be recycled correctly. Shredding services near me recycle their paper waste responsibly. Hiring this type of service ensures that documents don't get lost in a garbage bin instead of being recycled.

3. Taking Too Much Time to Shred Documents In-House

Once a shredding company is hired, the time it takes to process and destroy documents will become available to devote to other projects you may want to do around the house. Another consideration is the required maintenance of the machine being used. Hiring professionals to take care of the accumulated pile of documents is a certainly easy way to dispose of important information.

When you decide on the company you may want to use, many in todays climate are adhering to the safety guidelines & protocols that are being enforced across the country to ensure your safety and the safety of the workers. 

The next section covers the top three national paper shredding services available in the industry today.

1) Shred-it

Shred-it is one of the world leaders in information security. It is globally set up and operated locally. With over 25 years of experience and over half a million customers, Shred-it ensures the protection of confidential data.

Cost: A custom quote may be requested. A representative can assess the needs and assist in choosing a one-time service, or a regularly scheduled service.

Get started: call 866-697-1898 to get a quote or visit for more information.

2) ProShred

Located all over the United States, ProShred provides top-notch service by customizing a security program that ensures all confidential documents are destroyed correctly and regularly.

The ProShred team can even come to client's location to do a security audit and determine the specific need of the home or business.

The company offers a wide variety of services specific to individual needs, plus drop off shredding locations.

Cost: Depends on which service is needed. A customized quote and assessment will allow a correct estimate.

Get started: call 877-767-4733 to get a quote or visit for more information.

3) Iron Mountain Secure Shredding

This competitive company provides online tools and on-demand reports related to the shredding practices of their clients. This effort ensures efficiency and compliance to maintain confidential documents safe.

Choose from on-site shredding, one-time service, or ongoing maintenance. The company takes pride in disposing materials in an environmentally responsible way. Visit drop off shredding locations or have the company visit the client's site.

Cost: Depends on which service is needed. A customized quote and assessment will allow a correct estimate for a paper shredding services near me.

Get started: call 800-899-4766 to get a quote or visit for more information.

4) Document Destruction Certification

A established shredding service will be ready to provide a Certificate of Destruction. This confirmation should be filed to keep in records. It verifies that the documents were destroyed in a secure and confidential manner.

Having proof of shredding can be of great use if an audit occurs. It will show having been proactive with data security. There are many options for paper shredding nearby.

Ensuring the preferred shredding company has the right credentials is an important factor when choosing a paper shredding nearby. Most companies that have a good reputation can provide references.

It is best to choose a shredding service carefully and become familiar with their practices. These companies will become partners in an effort to keep data organized and secure.