Cleaning Jobs: Help The Community

Janitorial and house cleaning work is about as simple as it gets when it comes to finding work. While most small businesses and restaurants do their own cleaning, there are commercial cleaning jobs where companies have janitorial departments or hire independent cleaning companies to do the work. The great news is that apart from a special cleaning job that would require you to operate certain equipment, very little training is usually needed. There are also so many options from office cleaning jobs to private house cleaning jobs, and you could work for a company or even work for yourself if you have the means to. Here's what you should know about each kind of janitorial job.

Full Time Cleaning Jobs Working For Cleaning Companies

If you you decide to find a cleaning job working in a janitorial department or for a cleaning company, you'll have a few advantages. First, you'll have your work already scheduled out and structured for you. With this kind of job, your employer usually will train you if you're new to cleaning, and you usually won't have to worry about bringing your own supplies or safety equipment to the job. Additional benefits also include a consistent hourly wage, your taxes already deducted and even benefits like health insurance and paid time off for full time cleaning jobs. The downside to working for another company is that you usually don't get to choose when and where you work, or who you work with.

Cleaning Jobs You Can Do Working For Yourself

If you prefer a little more autonomy and independence when you work, you may want to find a cleaning job in which you are your own boss. In the past, you would have had to advertise your services and do a lot of the legwork for starting your own business yourself, but today that's not as hard as it used to be. With apps like Handy and other job broker services out there, it's possible to find cleaning work instantly and get to know clients who could hire you for ongoing work.

The main benefit to a cleaning job in which you are your boss is getting to work your own hours and set your own rates. If you become quite adept at your work, you can usually expect to be paid quite a bit for each job and make as much money as you want. The downside of course is that you will need to know which cleaning supplies and equipment you will need for the job, and be willing to buy your own. You also won't get any advanced training on the job, so you would need to know how to get started in your commercial or house cleaning jobs. The other downside is that working for yourself may mean your income won't be as steady as it is working for another company. Find a Local Cleaning Job Here!

Other Differences Between Employed Cleaners And Independent Contractors

Sometimes it can be convenient to take cleaning jobs working for someone else because you may work in the same facilities every time, and if you can use public transportation to get there you won't need your own. This is particularly true if you're doing office cleaning jobs in a downturn urban area. But if you're working for yourself, you probably will need your own transportation not only to arrive at different private house cleaning jobs, but also to haul your supplies with you. Generally speaking, most major cleaning jobs that you do for a cleaning company will be commercial cleaning jobs, while most self-employed cleaning jobs will usually be house cleaning jobs. Also remember that when you run your own cleaning business, you will be responsible for your taxes, and possibly a required business registration if you hire your own employees.