Liposuction Informative Guide

Working off body fat is a challenging for many U.S. consumers today. This is true during normal times. COVID-19 restrictions made getting in quality workouts and dieting even harder to accomplish due to time spent in quarantine. Alternate fat-removal solutions do exist, however. Laser liposuction helps non-invasively remove stubborn body fat fast, but how does it work? What are some of the top pros associated with choosing a laser liposuction fat-removal route?


Laser liposuction is more than cosmetically beneficial. Many people generally perceive liposuction as a purely cosmetic procedure. Laser liposuction has multiple health benefits as well, including boosts to your fitness efforts & results. How much does laser liposuction cost on average in 2021? What are some of the best centers performing laser liposuction procedures? Read ahead for an informative guide about laser liposuction & how to start the journey toward accomplishing your fitness goals today.


Laser Liposuction 101

The challenge of working off excess body fat is experienced by many U.S. consumers on a daily basis countrywide. Some people have medical/biological conditions such as an underactive thyroid, which make weight loss incredibly difficult to achieve regardless of dietary habits. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down gyms and workout/fitness centers across the country starting in early 2020. While home exercise machines such as the Peloton are convenient and effective, not every person is able to afford one.


Laser liposuction helps non-invasively remove stubborn body fat fast. This non-invasive fat-removal technique is performed as an outpatient procedure without anesthesia, allowing you to re-commence all normal activity in as little as two hours after the procedure is complete. How does laser liposuction work?

How Non-Invasive Procedures Work

Non-invasive procedures are performed without breaking the skin or entering/penetrating the body with physical tools and items. Faster surgery and procedure completion times are possible due to modern non-invasive techniques. Lasers are commonly used in non-invasive procedures but CT scans, MRIs, hearing aids, ECGs, casts and more are all examples of non-invasive tools and processes.

How Laser Lipo Works

Because laser liposuction is a non-evasive event anesthesia is not required. For this and numerous other reasons patients are capable of resuming most normal daily activities within approximately two hours after the procedure is completed. Laser liposuction focuses on hard-to-remove areas of fat buildups such as the abdomen, back, under the triceps and above the hips (love handles). Laser liposuction reduces the size of fat cells as opposed to removing them completely. This is accomplished by burning holes in fat cell membranes through which excess fat is released into the body and used for energy/fuel. Released fat not used for energy/fuel is subsequently removed as waste product through the lymphatic system. Reduced fat cells then naturally reseal while maintaining their smaller, shrunken sizes.


Laser Liposuction – Pros & Benefits

The many surface-level cosmetic benefits of laser liposuction are often the primary reasons people choose to undergo this type of procedure. Losing weight is not easy for many people in the U.S. for many valid reasons. Life is stressful for American workers and families. Stress is a known cause of weight gain. Certain medical conditions sometimes literally prevent weight loss in various individuals. Physical limitations/disabilities also prevent some people from exercising the way is necessary to maintain a target healthy weight. Regardless of the reason(s) losing fat is hard, people in the U.S. still want to look and feel their best. Laser liposuction helps contour your body to look the way you want it to look. The procedure helps tone your body, increasing your self-confidence and ability to accomplish your personal goals.


Many pros to laser liposuction also exist in the form of medical and overall health benefits. Losing fat and weight helps you exercise again, which increases your fitness levels and health status. Laser liposuction helps improve your overall cardiovascular health and endurance levels. Lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and higher energy levels are additional health-related benefits of having laser liposuction performed as a fat-removal technique.


Laser Liposuction – Average Costs

The costs of laser liposuction treatments are not covered by most U.S. insurance policies. Exceptions to this general rule are sometimes made for laser liposuction treatments used to remove benign subcutaneous lipomas, which are fatty growths formed under your skin. Out-of-pocket costs for laser liposuction procedures vary based on numerous important factors. How big is the area targeted for removal? Where is the treatment center located and how many treatments do you need?


For example, one treatment might cost approximately $50 per session, but multiple sessions might be discounted to as low as approximately $30 per session when paid for in bulk. Female back fat removal might cost $2,500 total, whereas upper stomach laser liposuction might cost $4,500 for males and females alike. Types of devices used also affect the costs of these procedures. Some devise used for laser liposuction include:


How to Get the Most of Laser Liposuction Procedures

Removing fat via laser liposuction is effective and highly beneficial. The effects of the treatments might be reversed/nullified by poor dietary habits or lack of exercise post-procedure, however. How do you get the most out of your laser liposuction procedures?

  • Get extra rest for up to four days post-procedure.
  • Wait approximately three weeks prior to commencing high-energy or impact activities.
  • Engage in healthy everyday lifestyle habits.
  • Exercise regularly (after consulting with your doctor).
  • Set fitness/nutritional goals.
  • Hire a personal trainer.
  • Exercise in groups and stay active to maintain your new physique.
  • Keep pictures of your pre-procedure body on-hand as motivation to stay in the best shape possible.
  • Important: Eat a low-fat diet after receiving laser liposuction. Your bloodstream will contain enough melted/released fat to sustain all normal daily fat requirements for quite some time post-procedure.