Finding A Local Maid Service

COVID-19 restrictions are rapidly lifting and you want to spend your time traveling, visiting and socializing again.

You do not want to spend an unquarantined 2021 cleaning, but how do you find a reliable local maid service to keep your house in top shape? How much do average maid services cost?

Finding a local maid service requires research and comparison-shopping. The frequency at which you hire a service might affect the rates you are charged so it is best to make a list of prices from various services before deciding on one to hire. What types of cleaning jobs do maid services perform? Cleaning services work in private homes and for various businesses. Most maid services also present a detailed list of what service they do or do not provide and at what rates. Knowing what to ask a maid service up front helps you hire the best service for your needs and prevent unexpected expenses on your bill. Read ahead for tips and an informative guide on finding a local maid service for you home or business in 2021.


Average Costs

The average costs of local maid services vary based on numerous factors. Cost-of-living in the region where you reside impacts pricing. For example, a maid service in Manhattan (NYC) or Calabasas, CA might charge more than one in a small-town or rural area. The frequency at which you hire the service also impacts your pricing. Discounts are often provided for repeat or regular customers. The type of job also affects the costs of hiring a maid service. Maids are typically associated with private homes but many maids work for general cleaning services, which are also hired by businesses. The average price for cleaning a business might be higher than the price for cleaning a home.

How big is your house? How many rooms are involved in the cleaning and do you require extra services outside those typically provided? Many local maid services charge an average of $20-$90 per hour for regular agreed-on services. Total average charges per cleaning/visit might total approximately $150-$250 depending on the number of rooms involved. Different types of cleaning services are provided, however, and each might carry a different range of rates. For example, basic cleaning and deep cleaning are billed in different manners. Basic cleaning is commonly billed according to the amount of square feet cleaned during the visit. Deep cleaning commonly involves shampooing carpets and other tasks and therefore costs approximately $50-$100+ more. Is your home cluttered or organized? Maid services might charge extra fees if employees are required to move items out of their way just to do their assigned jobs. Surcharges might also be added for cleaning supply expenses in certain situations.

Comparing Costs of Specific Maid Services

Comparing the costs of specific maid services involves a little organization and up-front elbow grease on your part. When researching three of the top national maid services (Molly Maid, The Maids and Merry Maids) all three offer pricing by direct, private quotes only. The reasons maid services require direct quote inquiries are varied. Primarily, however, every job is different in some way. Every home has different needs and different square footage. Customers often also have special cleaning requests, which get worked into private pricing quotes.

Costs Based on Hiring Frequency

Prices charged by a maid service are affected by the frequency the service is hired. Hiring a maid service monthly might cost you approximately $125-$300 and more for a single visit. Hiring a maid service weekly, however, might cost a reduced price of $100-$250 per visit. Bi-weekly maid services might charge a total of $120-$275 for the entire week. The more frequently you hire a maid service, the more likely your per-visit rates will be discounted.

Costs Based on Type of Residence/Square Foot

Prices for cleaning apartments and condominiums commonly cost less than rates charged for homes. The size of your apartment or condo impacts pricing either way, however. A smaller apartment might cost $75 per visit whereas a larger apartment or condo might cost $150 per visit. Homes with more square footage might add $25 to $100+ to your average bill depending on the size of your home.

Costs of Full-Time & Live-In Maids

Live-in maids charge varied rates depending on the nature of each agreement. Expected salaries for live-in maids range approximately from $20,000-$55,000 per year. Additional perks and benefits will raise and lower salaries. For example, does your live-in maid also receive healthcare benefits? What other accommodations are included in and/or provided outside the annual salary?

Full-time maids charge approximately $18,000-$35,000 per year. This annual salary range breaks down to approximately $1,500-$2,700 per month. Full-time maids provide most or all the same services as live-in maids do albeit without any residential accommodations. Both full-time and live-in maids handle most of your daily responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, running errands and more on your behalf.

Services Provided

Each maid service has its own set of regular services it provides at base-rates along with a list of extra services (performed at additional costs). Vacuuming and mopping floors is a typical service provided in standard agreements. Dusting and cleaning/sanitizing surfaces, doorknobs, handles and other items are also common jobs performed by maid services in 2021. Some maid services do dishes and laundry in addition to taking out trash and cleaning bathrooms. Shampooing rugs, cleaning windows and various other special tasks are often part of deep cleaning packages billed at additional prices.                     

Resources for Finding Local Maid Services

Yelp is a popular search portal and customer review website used to locate various services across the nation, including reliable maid services near you. Google remains the go-to search engine for most people today, although additional effective resources do exist. Angie’s List, The Cleaning Authority, and Thumbtack are also excellent resources for finding local maid services in 2021.