Meal Delivery for Seniors

Are you looking for a convenient way to plan meals and shop for ingredients? Is it becoming more difficult for you or a loved one to shop and prepare meals? If so, a senior meal service may be right for you. Senior meal delivery subscriptions are a convenient way to receive balanced, nutritious meals for seniors without the headaches of planning, shopping, prepping or cooking (depending on the plan you choose).

The meals these services provide vary depending on the diet type you choose and the number of servings/recipe choices, but in other ways they are very similar. They all offer a number of menu choices that fluctuate each week, and your food is delivered to your front door in temperature-controlled packages. For this reason, meal delivery services are becoming an increasingly popular and convenient way for seniors to shop.

Benefits of a Senior Meal Delivery Service

There are many benefits to having a meal delivery subscription. First, you can choose prepared meals, or you have the option of receiving a meal kit that provides you with the exact ingredients and measurements you will need to cook a balanced meal. All of the thinking is done for you and your menu choices are guaranteed to meet your individual nutritional requirements (or the general nutritional requirements recommended for most seniors). Another great benefit is you can conserve the time and energy spent planning or shopping for an activity you prefer. Whether you or a loved one still enjoys cooking or you need a meal delivered that is already prepared, there are many meal delivery services to choose from. And with interesting meals and recipe cards, you can learn new and fun cooking techniques. Even if you want to receive deliveries only a few times a week and cook the remaining days, there are plans that offer this flexibility. And since meals are premeasured, you can cook for as many people as you would like. This way, you do not need to stop cooking in your senior years just because there are fewer people to cook for.


There are also financial benefits when ordering senior meal delivery services. Although meal delivery services can be pricey, you will ultimately save on transportation, parking and buying unwanted ingredients (ingredients that are sold in larger quantities than you actually need). This way, you are not paying for ingredients that will not be eaten. And, there are often promotional deals and flash sales offered online and in the mail. Also, many seniors are not aware that their Medicare Advantage plans have expanded their benefits packages to include nutritional support for those seniors that have or are recovering from medical issues that make meal preparation difficult. Perhaps the most well known of these services is Meals on Wheels but there are other companies now participating.

10 Best Senior Meal Delivery Services

The good news is that there are no shortages of companies offering seniors prepared meals and/or meal kits. And every day it seems a new food delivery service pops up. Each company offers a slightly different menu and the customer gets to choose from a set number of servings and recipes that they will receive each week. Below are the ten best senior meal delivery services in the nation.

  1. Hello Fresh-Prepped and pre-portioned meals ready to eat in under 30 minutes. Meat and vegetarian plans. Choice from 23 recipes per week. Serving sizes available 2 & 4. Recipes per week 2, 3, & 4. Price per meal $4.57.
  2. Freshly-Requires no prep or cooking (heat up only).  All meals are gluten free. There are low carb, low dairy and peanut free choices. Choice from 30 recipes per week. Recipes per week 4, 6, 10, & 12. $8.49 per meal.
  3. Home Chef-Prepped and pre-portioned meals ready to eat in under 30 minutes. Full salads and grilled or baked options. Choice from 15 recipes each week, including: low calorie, low carb and vegetarian choices. Serving sizes 2-4, recipes per week 2, 3, 4, & 5. Price per meal $6.99.
  4. Nutrisystem-Portion controlled and combined meals. Shakes. Gender, diabetic and vegetarian meals. Flexible plans. Plans offer a choice of 100 and 150 menu choices. Starts at $8.57 per meal.
  5. Sunbasket-Prepped and pre-portioned meals ready to eat in under 30 minutes. All Organic foods in eco friendly packaging. Lean, vegetarian, gluten free, Mediterranean, and diabetic. Healthy snacks and breakfasts available. Serving sizes 2-4. $10.99 per meal.  *Unavailable in Alaska, Hawaii, and limited service in Montana, New Mexico and North Dakota.
  6. Mom’s Meals-Prepped and pre-portioned meals ready to eat in under 30 minutes. Meals suitable for those with diabetes, kidney disease, cancer and dysphagia. Choice of 15 recipes per week. Meals per week are flexible. Serving sizes 2, 4, 6, & 8. Starts at $6.99 per serving. *Does not offer premade meals.
  7. Real Eats-Breakfast, dinner, soups, sides & proteins. Organic whenever possible. Meals per week 7, 14, & 21 or 4, 6, 8, & 12 breakfasts and dinners. $11.70-$14.00 per meal. *Only delivers to certain states. *Minimum 4 meals per order.
  8. Snap Kitchen-All meals gluten free. Offers low carb & high protein. Breakfast, lunch & dinner options. Choice of 30 recipes per week. 6-12 meals per week. $9.58-$11.57 per meal.
  9. Magic Kitchen-Full meals & A la carte menus. Soups, side dishes & desserts. Can choose as many meals as you want. Low sodium, low carb, diabetes diets, dialysis friendly, vegetarian and renal diets. Most meals are microwavable. Meals per week 7, 14, 21. $11.70-$14.00. *Limited delivery days & times.
  10. Factor-Choice of 20 meals. Keto, low carb, low calorie, plant-based. Heat up only. Meals per week 6, 8, & 12. $7.83-$9.00 per meal.