Mobile Mechanics: Get Your Car Fixed Fast!

When you have car issues a mobile mechanic helps get your car fixed fast. Read ahead to learn all you need to know about mobile mechanics today.

When you have issues with your vehicle mobile mechanics help get your car back on the road fast. This is especially helpful for auto repair situations requiring quick completion. Some consumers do not realize mobile mechanics are available, while others who do are seeking information about the best nationwide service providers available.

The mobile auto mechanic industry is experiencing a surge in popularity. Convenience is one reason for this surge. Numerous other reasons also exist, some of which might be surprising. Read ahead to learn all you need to know about mobile mechanics, the services they offer and average prices to expect.

The Mobile Auto Mechanic Industry - Learn the Basics

What is a mobile auto mechanic? A mobile auto mechanic functions as would most regular mechanics but for two major differences. A mobile mechanic travels to your location to fix your vehicle instead of you taking it to a service center. Mobile mechanics also have a few limitations compared to mechanics who operate inside a garage where certain specialized types of equipment are available. The fundamental principle of the entire mobile auto mechanic industry is to prioritize the concept of auto repair service from the perspective of its customers. This breaks tradition with older service scenarios and methods, with a largely positive result for all involved.

Some mobile auto mechanic services are available seven days a week and 365-days a year. Many mobile mechanics operate as sole proprietors and are unaffiliated with national service center franchises or local garages. Others work for national auto repair chains or garages which, seeing the signs of the times, added mobile mechanic departments to their service lists.

Mobile mechanics either drive their personal vehicles or operate mobile service trucks. Both options allow the mechanics to transport the necessary tools to your location to perform repairs. Service areas vary with each provider, but common distance and travel-related guidelines apply to all mobile mechanics. For example, a disabled vehicle must be parked in a safe and reasonably flat location for a mobile mechanic to service it. Service areas and prices also vary with each provider in addition to local and regional economic factors.

Mobile vs. Regular Mechanics

How do the costs of hiring a mobile auto mechanic compare to those charged by a regular mechanic? Prices for hiring a mobile mechanic are sometimes less expensive than if you took your vehicle to a garage. Mobile mechanics who operate as private contractors generally have lower overhead than full-service garages and can pass those savings onto customers. However, the type of repairs needed, and the urgency of the situation also impact price. Rush-jobs and more serious repairs might cost more through a mobile mechanic than taking your vehicle into a garage. If your disabled vehicle is located outside their service area you might also get charged more to cover the extra travel.

Authorized repair centers and garages commonly hire trained, licensed and certified mechanics. Most mobile mechanics also possess these same credentials, but not all do. It is possible to verify the credentials of a mobile mechanic using the free American Automobile Association’s (AAA) Approved Auto Repair Facility Locater tool online, however. Mobile auto mechanics are generally incapable of performing more serious repair jobs such as those needing a lift or specialized heavy machinery to complete. Before hiring a mobile mechanic for your repair needs, be certain to ask him or her for the following information:

  • Proof of certification.

  • Proof of insurance and liability coverage.

  • Warranty details.

  • Written service guarantees.

  • Provider policies regarding damages sustained to your vehicle or property because of their service.

  • Written estimates and pricing quotes.

Reasons Why Mobile Mechanics Are in High Demand Today

Pandemic restrictions have lessened, and vaccinations seem to have significantly reduced COVID-19-related symptoms and deaths. New cases in the U.S. are still fluctuating between the hundreds and tens of thousands each day, however. The mobile mechanic industry has experienced a surge in popularly in no small part to many consumers still feeling concerned about what the future holds. The COVID-19 pandemic also changed the way the mobile mechanic industry had to operate to survive. The truth is, many service professionals simply had to take their business to their customers to stay in business at all. 

Convenience is another primary reason mobile mechanics are in high demand today. With this type of service, it is possible to have your car fixed while you are at work or in school, allowing you to never miss a beat. This type of convenience is another driving force behind not only the recent surge in popularity but also continued industry stability. In fact, the mobile auto mechanic position is expected to experience a five-percent higher than average job growth rate through 2024.

What Services Do Mobile Mechanics Provide?

Routine maintenance and basic repairs are staples of the services provided by mobile mechanics. Such services include repair estimates, filter replacements, belt and tire changes and vehicle inspections. Replacing turn signals, brake lights headlights and taillights are also typical mobile-capable services. Oil changes, spark plug replacements and most other fluid change, or replacement jobs are also performed on a regular basis by mobile mechanics today.

What about more serious repair jobs requiring urgent attention? Brake, rotor, steering, struts, shock, coils, springs, and alignment jobs are still mobile-capable services. Mobile mechanics also diagnose check engine lights and repair or replace alternators and heating/AC system components. Unfortunately, a mobile mechanic will not perform repairs covered by the dealership or manufacturer warranty on your vehicle. A mobile mechanic is also not capable of performing any serious or dangerous repairs requiring a mechanical lift.

Mobile Auto Mechanics - Average Costs

Expect to pay between $80 and $125 per hour for labor prices when you hire a mobile mechanic. If the mechanic must travel outside his or her regular travel area, expect to pay an additional travel fee. Rush, emergency, or holiday services might add another $50 or more to your bill. Because a mobile mechanic travels to you it is likely you will be billed even for a repair estimate call, so keep that in mind before making your decisions.

Brake pads repaired by a mobile mechanic might cost you between $150 and $175. Timing chain or timing belt repairs will likely cost between $350 and $875 or more. Prices for necessary replacement parts are commonly not included in labor and service fees, so be sure to ask about parts markups and how much they will cost you when you purchase them through a mobile auto mechanic.

Three of The Best Mobile Mechanic Companies Today

Three of the best mobile auto mechanic companies in business today are Repair Smith, Your Mechanic and Wrench. Wrench offers free quotes online, which saves you the expense of a service charge just to get a repair cost estimate. Your Mechanic operates seven days a week in over 2,000 U.S. cities and offers a twelve-month, 12,000-mile warranty on its work. Repair Smith also offers a free online repair-estimate diagnosis tool along with online booking, a full warranty and after-hours support.