Why Mold Removal Professionals are a Must Hire

Do you have mold in your home or business? Find out why professional mold remediation services are vital.

When you notice a musty smell in your home or office, you may have a mold problem. You may even see mold growing on surfaces, such as your walls. Even a small patch of mold is potentially hazardous to your health, even if you are a healthy adult. That same mold may cause potentially deadly symptoms for your child, pet, or elderly relative. Anyone with a compromised immune system is also at higher risk for mold-related health problems. That is why you need to get rid of mold as soon as possible.

You may think you can handle a mold problem yourself. Spending money on professional mold removal services may not seem worth it. However, removing mold yourself is not always safe. It can also be quite difficult, since mold can often grow in areas you cannot easily see or access. You have to assess the situation to see if professional mold removal is necessary. If so, you need to select a mold removal service you can trust.

What Is Mold?

To treat mold effectively, you must understand it. Mold is fungus. Like mushrooms, mold produces spores that get airborne. You, your family members, employees, and pets can breathe those spores in. That process is what causes mold-related illnesses. Mold thrives in wet, warm environments. Many types of mold also like to grow in dark areas, which is why it is frequently found in basements. It grows on all sorts of surfaces. Untreated wood is one of the most common. Some others are:

  • Plastic

  • Glass

  • Fabric

  • Paper

What Professional Mold Removal or Remediation Is

You may wonder what the difference is between professional mold removal and remediation. In the mold removal industry, the terms are used interchangeably. However, remediation is technically the more accurate term. Total removal of all mold in a home or office is impossible. Remediation is a process by which as much mold as possible is removed. Doing so makes the mold levels safe for you and your co-workers or family members so that you can keep living or working comfortably.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there is no specific guideline for how much mold is safe. Professional mold removal services simply get rid of as much mold as possible. Mold removal specialists can also recommend ways to reduce the chances of mold regrowth. For example, the may recommend installing dehumidifiers or fans in humid areas to reduce moisture.

Benefits of Professional Mold Removal

Hiring a professional mold removal company has many benefits. The first is the mold removal specialists can find mold you cannot see. Often, mold hides in areas like heating and air conditioning ducts. Such mold growth is particularly dangerous because heating and cooling systems spread mold spores throughout your home. If you treat a patch you can see with your naked eye by yourself, you may completely miss mold in hidden areas. Mold removal specialists can also:

  • Block off the moldy area during treatment to reduce the spread of spores.
  • Remove and properly dispose of moldy materials.
  • Explain to you how to prevent mold regrowth in the future.
  • Save you money by removing the mold properly the first time and reducing regrowth risks.

When You Need Professional Mold Removal

You may wonder if you always need to call mold removal professionals to treat every mold problem. If your mold problem involves sewage, water damage, or your heating and cooling ducts, it is clearly hazardous and requires professional help. However, you might think you can treat a smaller mold issue yourself. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you can potentially safely treat mold yourself, if it is in an area that is less than 10 square feet. However, doing so is rarely safe because mold may still lurk in areas you cannot see. The best way to maintain your health and peace of mind is to always hire professionals.

Top Mold Removal Companies and Charges

Professional mold removal charges vary based on the size and scope of the mold growth. In 2021, the average cost per square foot for mold removal is $15 to $30. However, the cost of the procedure can change based on where the mold is located, the type of mold, and the services necessary to remove it. For example, mold in duct work is often more expensive to remove than surface mold that is visible in an easily accessible part of your home or office. 

Most top mold removal companies require an inspection and assessment to determine how much each job will cost. Call the company you choose to discuss the consultation process and schedule an appointment. Here are some of the top mold removal services in the United States:

  • Servpro was founded in 1967 as a California-based painting business. Today, it is one of the top restoration and cleaning businesses in North America. Its 1,900 locations are spread throughout Canada and the United States.

  • ServiceMASTER Restore opened in 1952. Since then it has expanded to include 850 U.S. locations. The company specializes in full-service mold removal, including repairing damage that occurs when mold is removed.

  • ADVANTACLEAN specializes in commercial mold removal, as well as disaster recovery-related services. However, standard residential services are also available. Its many locations provide services to 32 U.S. states, as of 2021.

  • COIT provides mold removal and related services in 30 U.S. states, as of 2021. It is one of the top mold removal companies that coordinates with insurance companies for quick resolution of claims.

  • 911 Restoration serves 38 states. The company has a reputation for extremely fast mold remediation. Often, same-day services are provided to clients who call for mold removal assistance.

Remove Mold Sooner, Not Later

You may think a slight mold issue is not a big problem. However, mold growth often spirals out of control quickly. As soon as you see or smell mold, call a respected mold removal company in your area. It is always best to treat a mold problem before it has a chance to spread. More mold can lead to more health problems and structural issues in your home or office later. Early removal of mold also keeps mold removal costs down.