Boost Your Business With Quality Marketing Software

Interested in using marketing software to advance your business? Here are 10 tools options that can boost your sales.

In today's distraction-heavy world, it takes a significant effort to capture a potential consumer's attention and drive sales to your business. As a result, the process for marketing your business becomes more exhaustive as you need comprehensive solutions to be at the forefront of the public's attention. 

Why has marketing become so challenging?

It takes a lot of time to create compelling narratives convincing potential consumers that they need your service or product. Not only that, many consumers want to purchase from brands that align with their goals and values. Frequent marketing tasks include understanding product and service information, analyzing consumer behavior, strategizing marketing campaigns, remaining informed about trends, monitoring search engine optimization (SEO), etc.  

The existence of social media creates more challenges because it forces you to compete with algorithms and other competitors while requiring you to maintain product transparency and brand consistency. 

Implementing marketing software can be one solution for project managing your small business marketing. Marketing software can be one of the fastest ways to implement a comprehensive solution for creating meaningful marketing campaigns. Marketing software can benefit your marketing strategies in several different ways:


Comprehensive marketing platforms allow you to observe multiple social media and e-commerce tools simultaneously. This all-encompassing perspective provides you and your marketing the best perspective for making marketing decisions.  

Data Gathering 

The more informed you are about your future customers, the easier it is to convince them to purchase your product or service. Many marketing software platforms store various forms of data that can help you generate leads and direct information to your target audiences. 

Consumer Relationships 

When menial tasks are automated it allows space for you and your staff to focus on generating meaningful interactions between your company and customers. The more meaningful you are to a potential consumer will increase your chances of generating sales.


In recent years, many companies have started to adopt using various software marketing platforms. According to a report generated in 2019 by Social Media Today, over 75% of marketing departments have implemented at least one form of marketing software to advance their marketing goals. If your company does not implement new strategies, it is likely that you will fall behind your competitors that have automated their marketing tasks.

Types of Marketing Software 

Most marketing software platforms are considered a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) or Marketing Automation System. Most marketing software platforms include aspects of CRM and marketing automation because their functions and purpose are interrelated. CRMs track and monitor sales while marketing automation software focuses on the marketing tasks that inform current and future consumers. 

Here is a list of the top 10 marketing software platforms available to help your small business best implement your marketing goals:

  • Keap (Starting Price $75/mo)

Provides customers with several powerful features for implementing CRM and automated marketing campaigns. This product is a best fit for a growing a small e-commerce business that has multiple marketing campaigns that values business to costumer relationships.  

Provides you with the tools to expand your company’s marketing strategy to the next level. Hubspot provides you with the most popular CRM and automated tools such as landing pages, customized email marketing, and comprehensive dashboard.

  • VCita (Starting Price $29/mo)

Provides the best marketing software solutions for service-based industries. VCita is helpful for businesses that need to manage lead generation, customer correspondence, and invoicing. This software application also offers additional benefits for managing everyday business needs such as online calendar and scheduling management.   

  • Drip (Starting Price $19/mo)

Provides you with a platform that enables you to automate both email and social media campaigns. Drip is not a service recommended if you have to fulfill customer leads in under 7 days because its customer to company ticketing function has a several-day delay.   

  • Zoho (Starting Price $14/mo)

Provides CRM and marketing solutions seamlessly for various types and sizes of businesses. This type of software will provide you for the most value if you appreciate comprehensive analytics for understanding your clients.  

Provides you with the best lead generation tool for wordpress websites. This sales tool has been used by companies such as Pinterest and TripAdvisor but can also be used to generate sales for small businesses. This will be an optimal CRM tool for monitoring marketing campaigns and capturing data. While this plugin is not as comprehensive as other listed, it can be integrated with other tools such as Constant Contact to help you successfully target your ideal customer.

Provides you with standard CRM functions and impressive automation abilities. Sendinblue offers multiple template options for email and landing page campaigns. Additionally, it offers SMS messaging capabilities for a minimal price. If you want to send fast updates to your customers, this will be an excellent marketing solution for your business.

Provides you with the best marketing software for managing small and non-profit businesses. Companies with a strong social media presence will benefit from this software more than businesses that do not heavily use social media.  

Provides you with a “360-degree sales solution” to help you attract your ideal customers by helping you with lead generation and information gathering. Fresh Sales has an excellent project management tool that helps you keep track of your process converting sales leads into loyal customers. It has the standard CRM interface, but this marketing tool is best for companies to have sales representatives and want to develop personalized relationships with their customers.  

Provides you with a comprehensive CRM and marketing tool to help you best serve your customers. They offer you extensive and customizable services for a minimal price. This will be an ideal marketing software for companies just starting to implement using CRM and marketing software.