Top 5 Massage Therapy Guns: Find One To Suit Your LifeStyle

You might have personally experienced or heard one of your friends complaining about sore and stiff muscles. A quick relief to this problem is a massage. A good typical massage often relieves the pain of sore and aching muscles, as well as improving pain from arthritis. However, for some conditions, you may require more than a traditional massage for effective pain relief. This is where massage guns come in.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, where few have time for a relaxing massage, massage guns offer the ultimate solution to the problem of aching muscles. Massage guns, also commonly known as percussion therapy guns, are handheld devices that offer the same benefits as a massage. They are used in the comfort of your home for muscle therapy and effectual pain relief. Therapy guns help loosen stiff muscles, promote blood circulation, and ultimately alleviate muscular pain and inflammation. Having the ability to treat your own aches and pains without having to risk going to the doctor’s is one of the larger benefits to owning a therapy gun. Use this quick overview to discover some of the best massage therapy guns on the market this year.

The Top 5 Massage Guns of 2020

1.Hypervolt Massage Gun: The Hypervolt Massage Gun is among the top of its line. Along with its seamless and light-weight design, it comes with multiple head attachments. The Hypervolt massage gun, with its interchangeable head, is featured with high torque, which improves blood circulation and quickens muscle recovery. It also allows you to adjust the speed, is quiet, and helps you experience the maximum and most effective results in the minimum time. 

Its convenient small size enables you to take this device along, wherever you go. It comes with a built-in pressure sensor technology that provides you with visual feedback throughout your massage. With the Hypervolt massage gun, a leisurely customized massage experience is guaranteed. This massager helps get rid of stiff and sore muscles in a short time.  Expect to pay around $350

2.Theragun G3 PRO Percussive Massage Device: The Theragun G3 PRO Percussive massage device is undoubtedly of the best quality, with excellent key features. It primarily targets muscular pain and soreness. This powerful massage device provides 60 percent deeper muscle penetration than other regular massagers, with a stroke frequency of 40 times per second.

Not only is it quiet while running, but the Theragun also comes with several rechargeable batteries, six closed-cell foam attachments, and an adjustable arm for easy reach to the entire body. It has an ergonomic multi-grip handle and also includes a travel case for greater protection. This massage gun helps alleviate muscle pain, lessens inflammation, and stimulates blood flow to the treated group of muscles. Expect to pay around $449

3.Playmakar Wireless Gun Massager: The Playmakar Wireless Gun Massager is tough on the muscle pain and easy on the pocket. This user-friendly massage device runs quietly, is wireless and lightweight. It comes with six head attachments and six adjustable intensity levels ranging between 1200 to 2700 PPM. This massager also has a long-lasting battery that lasts for up to four hours and comes with a one year warranty. This powerful device features just the right combination of power and speed. It minimizes recovery time by targeting the stiff muscles, helping you feel lighter and more relaxed. Expect to pay around $150

4.Bodybay Personal Massage Gun: The Bodybay Personal Massager Gun is a powerful device, famous for its long-lasting battery and secure grip. This massager has a rechargeable battery that can last up to six hours and offers a wide range of speeds. It features 20-30 different speeds with powerful and effective percussion vibration. The frequency of the strokes ranges from 1500 to 3500 per minute, allowing you to massage sore muscles effectively. It also comes with six attachments, modern touch screen technology, a two-year warranty, and a travel-friendly protective case.  Furthermore, it is seamless, noiseless, and runs on a high-torque motor. It also has a heat dissipation feature, which allows you to use the massager for a long time without overheating. Expect to pay around $55.

5.Hethtec Handheld Massage Gun: The Hethtec Handheld Massage Gun is undoubtedly a budget-friendly device that delivers stellar results. With six different interchangeable heads, it is excellent for targeting different problematic muscles of the body. Due to its ergonomic, sleek, and delicate design, it is easy to use and carry. The massager makes minimum noise, letting you relax and de-stress. The battery is rechargeable and has a long life, lasting for up to 6 hours when fully charged. In addition, it offers 20 speeds, allowing you to set it to your desired pace and frequency. It also comes with an anti-drop shell, minimizing the probability of breakage and damage. The Hethtec Handheld Massage Gun speeds up recovery and helps you feel more fresh and well-rested. Expect to pay around $60.