Need To Enroll In A Traffic School?

Do you need to find a traffic school fast? Use this quick guide to find and compare traffic schools today.

Knowing how to drive a car is a huge responsibility. While having the capability to drive is an excellent modern convenience, inappropriate driving can pose serious risks to you and adjacent drivers on the road. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were over 38,000 fatalities from vehicle crashes in 2020. Many car crashes can be prevented when drivers follow proper safety driving procedures. 

Driving School vs Traffic School 

Driving schools and traffic schools have similar curriculum requirements. However, driving school and traffic school are different education entities. Driving school is where people go to learn about driving to obtain a government issued driver’s license. To pass driving school, students have to attend driving lectures, participate in driving instruction sessions, and receive a certain grade on written and driving exams. Driving school has a standard state determined curriculum. Whereas, traffic school is an educational entity where licensed drivers attend to learn additional information about safe driving. Usually traffic school courses are less expensive than driving school. Usually, traffic school requires less hours to complete than driving school. 

The curriculum for traffic school must also meet state requirements. However, the material that students learn are tailored to fulfilling specific learning needs. Additionally, traffic schools usually do not include hands-on behind the wheel training like in driving school. Similar to driving school, traffic school evaluates student performance to determine if the student successfully learned the course material. 

Purpose of Traffic School 

The purpose of traffic school is to further instill safe driving practices to already licensed drivers. You have to obtain granted permission to attend traffic school. Some drivers choose to obtain permission to attend traffic school on their own volition. For instance, many people decide to attend traffic school because attending can reduce their monthly car insurance bill. When a car insurance company sees that you attended traffic school, they assume you will be a safer driver and usually offer you reduced premiums. Attending traffic school can also be an alternative solution for drivers to improve their driving record or substitute for paying for high traffic tickets. In some extreme cases, some drivers are mandated to attend driving school as a consequence for having a poor driving record. Many drivers that have pled guilty in driving court have been required to complete a certain amount of class time at a traffic school. When required to attend traffic school, failure to comply and enroll in traffic school by a certain date could result in a suspended or revoked driver’s license. 

Summary of Reasons to Attend Traffic School:

  • Improve driving record 

  • Reduce vehicle insurance fees 

  • Replace the cost of expensive traffic violation tickets 

  • Prevent license from being suspended or revoked

State Requirements 

Most states in the United States have similar requirements for traffic school attending traffic school. However, it is important to verify your state’s requirements before finalizing on which traffic school to attend.  Most states require that drivers that need to attend traffic school must complete a 4-hour driver improvement course.  Drivers that have committed serious traffic violations will likely be required to take additional driver improvement courses. As an example, most states have implemented a law that requires drivers who have caused 3 crashes within a designated time period must attend a minimum of 16-hours of driver improvement courses. Regardless of which state you live in, it is important to attend traffic school after receiving a citation. 

Finding the Right Traffic School 

Drivers seeking to attend traffic schools should consider these options before choosing their designated program. First, you should verify the types of requirements you must fulfill. You can learn this information by contacting the specific traffic court you may have previously attended. It is important to know up-front what requirements you must meet so that you can make the best of your traffic school experience. Second, you should determine if online or in-person instruction best suits your requirements and lifestyle. Third, you should read traffic school reviews to learn about previous student experiences. This could help you see which traffic school has the best reputation for helping you fulfill your traffic school requirements. Lastly, consider your preferred learning style and research the traffic school instructors. Knowing about an instructor’s specific learning style could help you make a final decision about which traffic school will be the best solution for your course requirements.   

Cost of Traffic School 

The price of traffic school can vary based on your residential state, your traffic school requirements, and which traffic school you attend. You will be required to pay a court administrative fee in addition to the cost of the traffic school courses. You will need to go through traffic court to obtain permission to attend traffic school. This process charges an administrative fee. The average cost for this administrative fee will likely cost you $40-$80 depending on your state and county of residence. Expect to pay an additional $15-$60 dollars to fulfill an average traffic school course requirement. 

Best Online Traffic Schools 

The best in-person traffic schools will depend on your individual preference and residential location. If in-person traffic school best fits your lifestyle, you are encouraged to research this information specific to your personal needs. If you are considering attending an online traffic school, consider one of these top 4 nationwide online traffic schools as one of your choices:

  1. Improv Traffic School – This online platform teaches their curriculum using engaging learning tools and comical videos created by Hollywood comedians to ensure that you remain engaged throughout the program. If you have a sense of humor and like interactive learning, this program will be your best solution to fulfill traffic school requirements. 

  2. Go to Traffic School – This online platform is helpful for people who like structured learning. The curriculum well-organized and easy to assimilate. The best feature about Go to Traffic School is that you can complete the course at your own learning pace. If you have a busy lifestyle, this will be your best solution to fulfill traffic school requirements. 

  3. IDriveSafely – This platform can be accessed online or through mobile applications. The benefit of choosing this traffic course is that you have the option to learn from anywhere you can receive cell or internet service on your smartphone or tablet device. If you are an individual who is constantly on the go, this learning platform will be your best solution to fulfill traffic school requirements.

  4. $5 Dollar Traffic School - The Original $5 traffic school. While based in California, they aren't the only option for affordable traffic school rates, simply the first. Their traffic school can be completed entirely online for $5. No hidden fees, just a quality traffic school at an unbeatable price.