Best Subscriptions For Underwear

Underwear subscription services provide a variety of styles, colors and prints for your underwear. Learn more about the top subscription services.

Compared to other types of clothing, it is easy to overlook underwear. While it may not be a visible part of your outfit, it does not mean you should ignore all the underwear options available to you. Like with other types of clothing, it is important to choose underwear you are comfortable wearing. More clothing providers are focusing on developing different types and styles of underwear. An easy way to experience multiple types of underwear is through a subscription service.

Underwear subscription services offer a surprising number of options. Many services will ask you a variety of questions during the signup process, identifying which packages are best for you. These services are an excellent way to experience different types of underwear without having to spend a great deal of money. In addition to the types of underwear you receive, many subscription services allow you to pick how frequently you receive new orders, as well as information on upcoming products. Listed below are some of the top underwear subscription services for 2022.


Underclub is one of the top options for underwear subscription services because it offers such a wide range of brands and styles. Many subscription services only offer their own brand, but Underclub places a greater emphasis on existing designer brands. Some of their partnered companies include Natori, DKNY and Cosabella. As of writing, the subscription service is only intended for women’s underwear.

New users who sign up are treated to an extensive questionnaire, which curates a custom plan. Some of the questions are basic, focusing on style and preferences. However, it also includes personality questions and even takes into account any personal details or gripes you may have with specific products. 

While Underclub is praised for their selection, it does come with a steeper price tag than other services. There are only two subscription plans to choose from. There are some additional customization options, which determine how many pairs you receive each month. A standard account costs $28, but you can get fewer underwear and reduce the price as low as $15 instead. A premium account costs $35, with options to lower the cost to $21.


MeUndies is a monthly subscription service with options for both men and women, however the pricing changes slightly depending on your gender. As of writing, pricing begins at $14 for women and $16 for men. While they are not the first underwear subscription service, they are considered one of the most recognizable due to a strong advertising campaign. Since they were founded, the company has greatly expanded the number of pairs available. If you are eco friendly, MeUndies is an excellent choice because it uses a biodegradable fabric, MicroModal. 

There are three different style packages, which determine the color and prints you receive. In addition to underwear, MeUndies also has a sock subscription service, which costs an additional $8. If you are happy with any of the items you receive in either the underwear or sock package, you can pay an additional fee to receive extra pairs.

Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty is owned by famous musician Rihanna. The company specializes in all forms of female lingerie, offering some of the highest quality compared to all subscription services. The pricing model is different from other underwear subscriptions. Instead of paying a flat monthly fee, you must make a purchase at the start of the month to cover your membership cost. However, if you do not want to receive any lingerie that month, you can opt not to make a purchase without any penalty. All of the items sold for membership purchase are at reduced prices, with some options as low as $15. If the price still seems like an issue, keep an eye on the website, as the company frequently offers discounted prices and exclusive deals for new members.


This company is one of the most popular underwear subscription services. AdoreMe offers a mix of well-known and up-and-coming designers to deliver unique monthly selections. The company also offers a VIP membership that gives access to special sales, personal styling advice, and priority customer service. AdoreMe stands out for its wide range of sizes, with lingerie available in sizes 30A to 46J. The company also sells non-lingerie items like pajamas, robes, and loungewear.

Basic Man

While many of the underwear subscription services cater to women, Basic Man is an option solely for guys. The service is not strictly an underwear subscription provider as they also offer socks and a shirt with each package. Despite offering a wider range of clothing options, the price remains affordable, with only a single plan costing $19.99 each month. The company uses high quality materials, with many reviewers praising how long the clothing lasts. However, there are significantly fewer customization options.


Splendies is a popular subscription service that delivers three pairs of panties each month. The company has a wide range of styles and designs from which to choose, making it easy to find something that fits your taste. With Splendies, you can also choose the type of panties you want to receive each month, including thongs, boy shorts, briefs, and more. The company also offers a "Surprise Me" option for those who want to be surprised with their monthly selections. Prices start at $12 per month, making Splendies one of the most affordable options on this list.

Burgundy Fox

If you want the highest quality of lingerie from a subscription service, consider signing up for Burgundy Fox. Burgundy Fox is one of the most expensive options, with a base plan starting at $59 each month, and the most expensive costing $99. The service includes a detailed questionnaire to get an idea of your style. In addition to underwear, there are also options for robes, bras and nightgowns. Burgundy Fox also has one of the widest ranges of size, going all the way from XS to 6X.