Blue Light Glasses: Less Stress On Your Eyes

More employees are spending their work days in front of a computer. Even outside of work, many individuals relax by either watching tv, playing video games or browsing the web on their smartphone. All of these activities share a common trait, looking at a screen. Health experts are concerned about the long-term effects of staring at a screen all day. There are a couple of products on the market to help ease eye strain, but one of the most promising ones are blue light glasses.

Blue light is not a single color, but a term to describe a short-wave spectrum of colors. Modern day computers, tablets and smart phones all generate blue light. In small doses or on a lower spectrum, blue light is harmless. Over longer periods or on a higher spectrum, blue light exposure can cause a strain, with some experts believing it may lead to more serious damage over time. Blue light glasses use special lenses to filter out blue light, reducing the strain on your eyes. Listed below are five of the top brands of blue light glasses available in 2020.

Top 5 Blue Light Glasses 

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gamma Ray produces many models of blue light glasses. All of gamma ray classes are praised for their affordable prices. The glasses use a basic design, with an emphasis on comfort. The frames are made out of a lightweight plastic, which many reviewers, even those who do not normally wear glasses, praised as being unobtrusive. Gamma ray also includes a complimentary case and cleaning cloth with their glasses, as well as a lifetime breakage warranty. Because of the affordable price, gamma ray glasses are recommended if you are on the fence on whether blue light glasses will help with your eyestrain.


Uvex specialize in safety equipment, which includes several different types of blue light glasses. Like gamma ray glasses, Uvex lens are known for their low price. The glasses utilize orange lenses with a special Spectrum Control Technology to filter out blue light. A useful trait with Uvex glasses is the ability to change the angle of the lens. All the glasses have three different positions, making it easy to block out blue light at any height.

Another reason many customers are happy with Uvex glasses is the wrap-around style. This style is overall much more comfortable than other glasses. The frames are adjustable, adding to the comfort factor.


Many of the top blue light glasses are designed for individuals who do not normally wear glasses. If you have trouble reading text on computer or smartphone screens, other brands of blue light glasses may not cut it. Spectra479 produces blue light blocking lenses which you can clip onto existing glasses. Spectra lenses are a little more expensive than some of the other brands of blue light blocking glasses on the market, but it is worth paying extra if you need something compatible with your normal glasses.

Spectra lenses are easily attached to other glasses using a clip. Once attached, the amber lenses filter out blue light, specifically designed to only target the harmful spectrums. In addition to blocking out blue light, the lenses are designed to help with insomnia and other vision related sleep issues.

Warby Parker

Many blue light glasses are designed with efficiency in mind, but if you are going to be wearing your glasses for long periods, especially out in public, style is important as well. Warby Parker produces a specialized line of blue light glasses, with many customers preferring the cat-eye style glasses for their unique look.

If you already have a prescription with Warby Parker, you can choose to install blue light lenses into your normal frames. For normal eyewear, Warby Parker is known for having affordable lenses, but installing custom blue light lenses into other frames is more expensive than ordering a standard pair of blue light glasses. If you are new to Warby Parker, you can utilize the free home try-on program. This allows you to test out five different frames without committing to any purchases.

Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical sells traditional eyeglasses, but they also have a special line, Blokz, designed to block blue light. Blokz not only filter out blue light, but the glasses are built with magnification lenses. Unlike other brands, which typically feature one or two models with magnification lenses, Blokz has a number of frames and lenses available.

Standard Blokz lenses are usable in both indoor and outdoor settings, with many customers praising how effective the lenses work in an office setting. Blokz also has a sunglass line, which uses different lenses, which only block blue light when you are outside. There are also photochromic lenses, which turn dark when exposed to sunlight but remain clear indoors. If you are an athlete, the trivex lenses are much stronger than traditional glasses, designed to absorb impacts without shattering.