Car Battery Replacements: Industry Leaders

Is it time to change your car battery? Discover which services can install a new battery for you and what they charge.

Cars have many components. Some need very little maintenance. Others require seemingly constant attention and frequent replacement, such as tires. Car batteries fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Your car battery can last quite a while, especially if you take good care of it. Replacing cables, tightening connections, and cleaning terminals can all extend its life span to a certain degree. However, even a well cared for car battery requires replacement eventually, assuming you keep the car long enough.

A car battery typically lasts between three and five years. Replacing it is recommended before the five year mark to minimize the risk of dealing with a dead battery. However, even if your battery completely dies in an inconvenient location, there are services that can bring a new battery to you. Here is a brief comparison of companies that are industry leaders and offer various levels of car battery replacement services.

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is one of the most well known vehicle maintenance brands in the United States. It is perhaps most known for its fast oil change and brakes maintenance services. Jiffy Lube also provides a wide array of other car maintenance services, including:

  • Suspension Work

  • Filter Services

  • Inspections

  • Fluid Maintenance

  • Tire Rotation

There are over 2,000 Jiffy Lube service shops across the country. Jiffy Lube's battery services include terminal cleaning and battery testing. New batteries are available to purchase at all Jiffy Lube locations. They come with warranties to ensure piece of mind after installation. Trained technicians routinely install replacement batteries and dispose of dead batteries. Charges for battery replacement vary by location. Call your local Jiffy Lube shop to get a specific quote.


One of the biggest benefits of 1-800-Battery is the company can deliver a battery straight to your location and install it for you. There are trained technicians working for 1-800-Battery all over the country. That mobile battery installation service is quick, easy, and included with the cost of the battery purchased. Batteries for over 35 different vehicle brands are available. The 1-800-Battery website also conveniently offers many other types of batteries, such as batteries for:

  • Cameras

  • Cellphones

  • Household Items

  • Laptops

  • Tools

  • Boats and Various Watercraft Types


The American Automobile Association is more commonly known as AAA (pronounced “Triple A”). It is a subscription-based vehicle maintenance association famous for providing high-quality roadside assistance services. Specifically, AAA is commonly used by members to tow broken down vehicles to private homes or repair shops, as needed. However, AAA also provides a wide variety of other services. Among those services is mobile battery replacement.

To use the AAA mobile battery replacement service, you must have a AAA membership. Several membership tiers are available. Costs vary by tier and state. The national average for basic membership is approximately $58 per year, as of 2022. Premier membership costs an average of $119 annually. In addition to the membership fee, you must also pay the battery cost. That cost varies by vehicle make and model, as well as battery brand. The approximate average battery cost in 2022 is $139.

Pep Boys

There are over 1,000 Pep Boys locations in Puerto Rico and the United States combined. The company provides several car maintenance services, including oil changes. It is also known for its alignment and tire balancing services. You can take your vehicle to any Pep Boys location to have the battery replaced. 

Pep Boys technicians only install batteries purchased at Pep Boys. As of 2022, there is also an installation fee of $14.99. Although Pep Boys does not provide mobile battery installation, it does provide towing services starting at $59.99. You can request towing to facilitate having a dead battery replaced at your nearest Pep Boys facility.

Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is one of the largest suppliers of aftermarket auto parts in the United States. The company also provides many useful services, including access to online car repair advice and technical training. When you visit and Advance Auto Parts location, you can shop for basic parts ranging from light bulbs to windshield wipers. Technicians can also help you locate more elaborate parts, such as those needed for car heating and cooling systems. Battery replacement services are provided for free at any Advance location, but purchase of a battery provided on site is required.


AutoZone is the top auto parts retailer in the United States. It has been an industry leader for most of the more than four decades during which it has existed. AutoZone is one of the top car battery providers in the country, along with its many other automotive products and services. The experts at AutoZone can install a car battery for you for free when you purchase a battery. Same-day pickup and next-day delivery options are also available for car batteries, if you wish to perform a self-installation. 

NAPA Auto Parts

Another popular company that provides free battery installation is National Automotive Parts Association. It is better known as NAPA Auto Parts. NAPA has been providing quality automotive parts and services in the U.S. for decades. Battery replacement mobile services are not provided by NAPA. However, battery replacement services are provided at all NAPA AutoCare Center locations. To qualify for free battery installation, you must purchase your new battery directly from NAPA.

How Do You Choose Between Car Battery Replacement Services?

The companies listed above only represent a small sampling of car battery replacement options available in the United States. They are among the largest companies offering such services. However, you may also have local smaller auto dealerships and parts stores that provide battery replacement options. One way to select a service is to go by price. Obviously, free installation is ideal. However, paying for mobile battery installation is sometimes necessary and often convenient. You must also take the costs of the batteries provided and any necessary service membership fees into account. Base your decision on urgency, availability of particular battery types and brands, and the requirements of the battery installation services available in your area. Also, try to get your battery replaced before it dies completely to give yourself more time and options.