Car Donation: A Different Way To Help This Year!

The holidays are hard times for many people in the U.S., especially during an unprecedented approaching winter affected by both COVID-19 and the imminent flu season. People are hurting across the nation and need assistance in numerous ways. People in better positions are interested in helping, but due to their own COVID-19-based financial limitations are unable to donate straight cash. Are there ways to help people in need when direct cash is not an option?

Many charities and church-based companies/organizations exist to help people in need. These types of companies rely largely on donations to provide food, cash and other assistance to low-income, disabled and disenfranchised people. Some of these companies also accept donated cars. Having a second car able to be donated is a way to help people in need when your cash funds are running low. Donated cars can either be given directly to people in need of a vehicle or sold for the funds, which can then be given to those needing assistance.


It is definitely possible to donate your car for a good cause. Knowing which companies accept vehicle donations is a positive first step. Knowing how to donate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic is also essential. Read ahead to learn about safe ways to donate your car for a good cause and the top 5 companies accepting them this holiday season.


Top 6 Companies to Accept Your Car Donation

Many companies around the U.S. accept cars as donations. Some are household names. Some are viable organizations even if not as recognizable as the Red Cross or the United Way. The top 6 companies to accept your car donation this holiday are:

  1. Red Cross Vehicle Donation Program.
  2. Habitat for Humanity.
  3. Wheels for Wishes.
  4. Goodwill Car Donations.
  5. Riteway Car Donations.
  6. Charity Motors.

1. Red Cross Vehicle Donation Program

The Red Cross vehicle donation program partners with Insurance Auto Auctions to accept donated cars in all fifty U.S. states. The process is started either by using their online submission form or calling 1-855-92 RC CAR (855-927-2227). Your car is picked up at a time/date of your choosing and a letter acknowledgment and tax receipt (for deduction purposes) will be mailed to your specific address.

2. Habitat for Humanity

Habit for Humanity accepts car donations. This is possible through their online donation wizard, emailing them at [email protected] or by calling them 1-877-277-4344. This is a viable organization helping people in need around the world and a trusted source for car donations.

3. Wheels for Wishes

The Wheels for Wishes organization provides information on how to donate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also offers advice on tax deductions based on your car donation and advice on how your donation helps you and those in need. Start the process by calling them at 1-855-242-9474 or by using their convenient online car donation form.

4. Goodwill Car Donations

Goodwill organizations help people all over America every day. Donating your car to the Goodwill car donations service is an effective way to be of service to your fellow Americans in need. Contact the Goodwill at (855) 910-8462 or use their online donation form today.

5. Riteway Car Donations

Riteway Car Donations is a national commercial fundraiser company based in Los Angeles, California. Riteway is connected with hundreds of charities from which you can choose as the recipient of the funds procured from your donated car. There is a donation form provided online as well as their contact phone number, which is 888-250-4490.

6. Charity Motors

Charity Motors is a car donation broker of sorts. This company facilities the donation of your car via its online form or 888-908-CARS (2277) contact number. Monies from your donation are donated to any charity of your choice. Charity Motors offers a fifty percent subsidy to low-income donators and guarantees your receipt of the full fair-market value tax deduction for your donated car.


Car Donations for Veterans

Cars for Veterans and Donate Car to Veterans are two companies whose focus is to help U.S. veterans through funds procured from donated cars. The donation process is the same for these two companies as with all others. Safe, working donated cars are some times given directly to U.S. veterans in need of a vehicle instead of cash. Both companies value the service all U.S. veterans provide the nation and are determined to mitigate the emotional, psychological and other forms of hardship uniquely experienced by veterans struggling to acclimate back to civilian life.


Tips for Avoiding Fraud When Donating Your Car is a nonprofit organization dedicated to blowing the whistle on fake or misleading charity organizations. It also strives to help donors make the most informed decisions possible when donating cash, cars or other assets/possessions. Research any car donation company through prior to making our donation. Make sure your charity of choice maintains a valid 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the IRS to ensure the tax deductibility of your car donation. Also make sure it does what it is supposed to with your donation. For example, Kars4Kids appears to be a viable charity, but investigations show it only disburses less than half the money it receives, and to a limited demographic of children.


Safe Ways to Donate Your Car During COVID-19

Most car donation companies provide contactless services. Car donations are set up online or over the phone. Pickups are most often scheduled according to donor preferences and/or demands. There is no reason to involve any close contact or in-person transactions when donating your car during the COVID-19 pandemic unless you are dropping the car off yourself. In the latter scenario, follow all CDC recommended social distancing, sanitization and safety protocols.