Best Affordable Boat Rentals Near Me

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your day on the water, renting a boat could be the perfect solution. 

Whether you’re planning a family outing or a romantic getaway, renting a boat can be a great way to enjoy the beauty of the water without the hassle of owning your own vessel.

Why Rent a Boat?

Boat rentals offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the water in a way that isn’t possible on land. You can explore the shoreline, enjoy a sunset cruise, or just relax and soak up the sun. Renting a boat is an excellent way to bond with friends and family or create a romantic atmosphere with your partner. It’s also an ideal option for those who don't want to deal with the expenses and responsibilities that come with owning a boat.

Benefits of Renting a Boat Instead of Buying One

The primary benefit of renting a boat instead of buying one is cost savings. Owning a boat can be an expensive endeavor, and many people simply don't have the funds or desire to take on that expense. By renting a boat, you can enjoy all the benefits of being out on the water without the long-term commitment or costs associated with owning a boat. Additionally, when you rent a boat, you don't have to worry about the maintenance, storage, or insurance costs that come with owning a vessel. Renting also offers flexibility in terms of the type of boat you want to use, allowing you to select a boat that best fits your needs for each outing.

Popular Events You Could Host on a Boat Rental

Renting a boat can make for a memorable event, whether you're hosting a family reunion or planning a corporate outing. A few popular events to consider include:

  • Birthday parties: A boat rental can be an exciting and unique way to celebrate a loved one's birthday, whether it's a child or an adult.

  • Fishing trips: If you're an avid angler, a fishing trip on a rented boat can be an excellent way to spend your day.

  • Sunset cruises: A sunset cruise on a rented boat can provide a romantic atmosphere that's perfect for a date night or a special occasion.

  • Corporate outings: Hosting a corporate event on a rented boat can be an excellent way to impress clients or reward employees for a job well done.

Best Companies to Rent a Boat From

  • Rowdy Rides. Specs: Experience the beauty of Nashville's lakes and landmarks with a boat rental from Rowdy Rides. Our wake boat and pontoon boat rentals offer the perfect way to explore the city's iconic waterways and enjoy outdoor activities. Forget the neighborhood pool, Music City boasts natural water resources that are waiting to be discovered. Our rentals offer 4-8 hour Nashville lake parties on the water, with pontoon boats accommodating up to 12 people and wake boats holding up to 8 people. Weekday and weekend rentals are available, with prices starting from $495 for pontoon boat rentals and $595-$695 for wake boat rentals.

  • Get My Boat. Specs: GetMyBoat makes finding and booking boat rentals, jet skis, yachts, pontoon boats, and fishing charters easy and convenient. Whether you're looking for a captained experience or a self-drive rental, our platform connects you directly with boat owners and captains for secure online booking. You can even create a profile and list your own boat for free. We have the lowest booking fees in the industry, allowing you to set your own prices and keep more of your earnings. Our 24/7 customer service, renter identity verification, and fraud protection ensure secure online payments. Join now to start booking renters with ease. Prices vary depending on the rental.

  • Vrbo. Specs: For a unique vacation experience, consider renting a houseboat or yacht through Vrbo. Our floating vacation home rentals offer ample living and sleeping spaces, full kitchens, sun-drenched decks, and even hot tubs and jet skis on the more upmarket options. Traditional houseboats require no prior experience to captain, while yacht charters require the necessary qualifications from the American Sailing Association or a skippered yacht rental. Prices vary depending on the rental.

  • Kensington. Specs: For an exclusive vacation, Kensington offers tailor-made private yacht charters with a range of vessels to suit your group and budget. Our world-class experts curate every aspect of your journey, from onshore excursions to exquisite dining and surprises on board. Enjoy the entire vessel for your family or friends alone, with experienced captains, chefs, and crews catering to your every need at sea and on land. Yachts start from $70,000 per week and catamarans from $55,000 per week. Prices vary depending on the vessel and itinerary.

  • Sunsail. Specs: Set sail on a bareboat sailing vacation with Sunsail and explore new cruising grounds at your own pace. With no set itinerary or pre-planned schedule, you can decide on as many or as few overnight stops and daytime anchorages as you like, making the most of every destination on your list. Our staff provides a thorough chart briefing prior to departing the base, ensuring you are comfortable and qualified as the Captain before leaving the docks. Prices vary depending on the destination and rental.

Boat rentals offer a fun and exciting way to enjoy the beauty of the water without the long-term commitment of owning a boat. With a variety of boats available, you can choose the perfect vessel for your outing, whether it's a romantic sunset cruise or a fun-filled family outing. Plus, with the cost savings and convenience of renting over buying, it's easy to see why boat rentals are becoming an increasingly popular option for those who love spending time on the water.