Landline Phone Deals For Seniors

Landline phones are not a thing of the past for many U.S. seniors in 2021. While only an approximate forty percent of U.S. homes still have active landlines, landline service is still important to the senior demographic. Landline phones offer security, familiarity and peace of mind for many seniors today but how much do modern landlines cost? What are some of the top companies offering landline services today?


Many seniors are simply not comfortable connecting phone calls via the internet. Even seniors who embrace smartphone technology still prefer having an active landline for reasons of security and superior sound quality. Having a landline in 2021 does not necessarily mean having to pay exorbitant prices, however. Read ahead for an informative guide on modern landline phone deals available for seniors today.


Landline Statistics in America

Approximately ninety percent of U.S. households had landline phones service in 1996. Today a mere (approximate) forty percent of American homes still have active landlines, which is a drastic reduction by comparison. This is due in part to advances in smartphone technology and the convenient mobility it provides. Reduction in landline use is also a direct result of the forty-nine percent pricing disparity between inflated landline prices and increasingly cheaper cellular service options. For example, a Verizon landline in Manhattan costs approximately $85/mo, whereas unlimited talk/text/data Verizon cellular plans are available from $35/mo plus tax.

Why Landlines Are Still Important for U.S. Seniors

If cell phone services are so much more affordable than landlines, why are landlines still important to U.S. seniors today? Familiarity is one important factor in the decision to maintain an active landline. U.S. seniors are more familiar and more comfortable with using landlines. Consider these facts:

  • The first hand-held mobile phone was introduced to American consumers in 1984 (thirty-seven years ago).
  • Smart phone technology was introduced eight years later in 1992.
  • Conversely, the first landline phone was made on March 10, 1876.
  • The oldest senior citizens alive in America today were born between 1905 and 1908.
  • Every senior living today was born with landlines already in existence.
  • Cellular service technology experienced its marketing infancy only thirty-seven years ago.

Landlines also offer peace of mind and security to seniors today. Do you have a home security system? Most modern home security systems are connected to landline services. Landlines are generally more reliable/consistent than cell phones as well, while also providing clearer and louder reception.

Connecting Without the Internet in 2021

Many modern phone service providers feature bundles including internet, cable, streaming services and cellular services. Affordable landline phone services are often featured as add-ons to bundle packages. For example, AT&T offers a $22.99/mo landline service when bundled with internet. Purchasing standalone landline service is significantly more expensive unless you know how (and where) to find the best deals available today.


Best Senior Landline Phone Deals Today

The availability of standalone landline phone service deals is impacted by where you live and the number companies offering services in your area. The Lifeline Program gives a $9.25/mo discount on phone services to qualified seniors, but not all seniors meet the income eligibility requirements. Some of the best senior landline phone deals available today include:

  • Century Link.
  • Cox.
  • Spectrum.
  • Verizon.
  • Straight Talk.
  • AT&T.

Century Link

Century Link home phones services include Basic and Unlimited plan options. The Basic plan only offers unlimited local calling and is priced starting at $24-25/mo. The Unlimited plan ($60/mo) is conversely full of useful features such as caller ID, voice mail, three-way calling, call rejection/forwarding/return, anonymous call rejection and more.


Landline deals with Cox start at $20/month and include unlimited national calling. Unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada landlines are also included. Cox Voice Tools features allow you to customize your phone using an online account. Add Cox Voice Premier via the Simply Worldwide plan for an additional $2.99/mo to enjoy international calling from your affordable landline.


Standalone Spectrum home phone packages cost approximately $30/mo when not bundled with internet packages. Landlines cost only $12.99/mo when bundled, however. Unlimited calling to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and of course the U.S. itself is included. Readable voicemail, call guard, caller ID on TV, international/anonymous call-blocking and the ability to block all 3rd-party charges are just some of the helpful features making Spectrum landline deals perfect for seniors today.


Verizon offers several landline deals valuable to seniors today. The Freedom Essentials plan provides unlimited local, national long-distance and regional toll calling services. Calls to Canada and Puerto Rico are included. This plan also includes a maximum of five calling features such as call waiting/forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID, home voicemail caller ID and additional options. The Freedom Value plan provides unlimited local, national long-distance and regional toll calling services (including calls to Canada & Puerto Rico) but no calling features. The Verizon landline Regional Essentials plan includes unlimited local/regional toll calling but no long-distance services. Prices for these plans start under $20/mo.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk landline deals range in price from $15 to $45/mo depending on the features included. Unlimited national calling, three-way calling, caller ID, TTY/TDD compatibility and voicemail features are included in all plans. Unlimited international & long-distance calling is offered starting at the $30/mo plan.


AT&T landline deals for seniors include local/nationwide calling with basic plans and long-distance/international features with higher priced packages. Multiple affordable plans and pricing options exist. A list of just some of the many AT&T landline deals for seniors available today includes:

  • Complete Choice Basic Plan (unlimited local; two custom call features).
  • Complete Choice Enhanced Plan (unlimited local; unlimited nationwide long-distance; eight-eleven custom call features).
    • Measured Rate Home Phone Plan (affordable local calling + 911 only).
    • AT&T One Rate Nationwide Direct Advantage ($6.99/mo; 7¢ per direct long-distance minute used).
  • AT&T Worldwide Occasional Calling ($2.99/mo; affordable international per-minute rates to 220+ countries).
  • AT&T Unlimited Canada Calling Plus ($6.99/mo; unlimited calls to Canada; affordable international per-minute rates to 220+ countries).

Free Phones and Service with Federal Lifeline Assistance

The Federal Lifeline Assistance program is intended to help low-income consumers have access to communications technologies that could be cost prohibitive. Lifeline doesn't offer free phones and phone plans specifically, but it does offer consumers who qualify a monthly discount of monthly telephone services, internet services, or other communications packages. These services need to be purchased through participating providers, but the discount ensures that even low-income Americans have access to vital phone and internet services. In many areas the discount is actually enough to get phone or internet service at little to no cost to you. Lifeline provides up to a $9.25 discount on monthly plans (increased up to $34.25 for those living on tribal lands).

Lifeline allows consumers to recieve this discount for EITHER a wireline or wireless service, however a single Lifeline recipient cannot use a Lifeline discount on both at the same time. FCC rules prohibit more than one Lifeline discount offered to a single household at any one time. Even so, Lifeline services can get you a free phone or internet service depending on prices in your area and the discount you qualify for.