All About Car Shipping in 2021

Life takes people to surprising places and through unexpected changes. Positive changes such as landing a better job or entering a serious relationship sometimes require moving to a new city. What happens when you own more than one car? Do you have the skills to tow your car behind a moving truck? It is sometimes necessary to consider paying for car shipping to get your car to your desired destination.

Various credible methods for shipping your car are available in 2021. Trains, transportation vehicles, moving companies and even some household-name companies all offer car-shipping services. Read ahead for more important information about car shipping and how to get your car safely to your desired destination today.


Reasons You Need To Hire a Car Shipping Service

Moving to a new city is an exciting experience, especially when it involves traveling a far distance across the country. For some people the prospects of a road trip are enjoyable and adventurous in nature. Other people do not enjoy long drives and prefer to not operate a vehicle for extended periods of time. Hiring a car shipping service helps get your car to your desired location without requiring you to get behind the wheel yourself. Plenty of other viable reasons to hire a car shipping service also exist.


For example, drivers with certain disabilities are unable to handle an automobile for longer periods of time. Some consumers own two vehicles and do not have the skills or experience required to tow their second vehicles. People with families often have more than one vehicle. Families often prefer traveling together in the same car for longer trips. Such an arrangement allows two drivers to safely split driving time as opposed to both driving in separate vehicles for an entire trip across the country.


Certain new jobs require nearly instant relocation and fast start dates. Having your car shipped instead of taking the time to drive to your new city allows you to fly in an airplane and start your new job fast, while feeling more refreshed. People selling their vehicles online to customers across the country also require some type of car shipping service to complete sales transactions and product delivery. New car owners purchasing a car from an owner in another state also benefit from having their new car shipped directly to them, especially in times still impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Pros of Having Your Car Shipped

Having your car shipped offers many pros and creates multiple benefits. The process saves you time and energy. Having your car shipped keeps you safe at home by eliminating the stress of staying awake, alert and focused on the road for extended driving periods. Car shipping services involve either mandatory or optional insurance coverages. Coverage prices and benefits vary with each car shipping and/or applicable insurance company. Having additional insurance offers peace of mind in the event of accidents or damages.


Having your car shipped instead of you driving it across the country yourself keeps you safe by keeping you off the road. The process eliminates the chances of accidents affecting you and your family. Car shipping also saves you time. Getting to your new job or home quickly and early is significantly beneficial to many people staring new jobs or lives in a new location. Finally, having your car shipped allows you to arrive in your new city rested and refreshed instead of haggard from a long road trip. This alone helps you start your new job with positive and productive energy.


Average Costs of Car Shipping Services in 2021

Numerous factors affect the costs of car shipping services in 2021. The beginning and end locations involved in the shipping are a major price-affecting factor. The further your car is shipped the more the service will cost. The type and size of your vehicle also affects the price. The bigger and more valuable your vehicle is, the more you will be charged to ship it. Shipping a car inside a protective container usually increases the shipping fee. The time of year, method of shipping and applicable state taxes/regulations also all affect the final price for shipping your car in 2021


Some new car purchases include shipping costs in the final and total sales/purchase price. This is often largely due to COVID-19-related restrictions. Modern times and purchase methods changed rapidly due to the coronavirus. Many auto manufacturers and sales dealerships realize drivers are purchasing cars online with the expectation of curbside delivery included in the purchase. Some manufacturers and dealers still charge extra for shipping, however.


Shipping costs for new cars and/or trucks cost an average price range of $600 to $3,000 when shipped to new owners. General prices to ship a car in the U.S. range from approximately $700 to $1,200. It costs an average of 0.60c per mile to ship a car 1,000 miles or more in this country. Out-of-country shipping is also available albeit at increased prices.


Most Reliable Car Shipping Companies

How do you know which national car shipping companies are reliable and popular with U.S. consumers? Using online review sites is one credible method. For example, companies such as A-AAA Auto Transport receive mixed detailed reviews on Yelp with many satisfied customers and some disappointed customers. AmeriFreight, Sherpa Auto Transport and Montway Auto Transport are all recommended by the reputable CarTalk car-based advice company. also recommends AmeriFreight, Sherpa and Montway for seniors, along with numerous other companies. Word-of-mouth real-life customer review websites are available for you to research.