Masters Degrees

A master’s degree requires more years in college but it can be quite beneficial in the long-term. You can attend graduate school for a number of programs to advance your education.

Whether you are pursuing a master’s degree in nursing, education or another field, graduate school can move you from a blue-collar job to a management position. Find out more about getting a graduate-level degree in different fields.

Masters Degree in Nursing
A popular online masters degree is nursing since many students continue to work while furthering their education. The demand for health care professionals, particularly nurses, is on the rise and will be for the foreseeable future.

Jobs you can get with a masters degree in nursing include the following:
  • A nurse consultant
  • A research nurse
  • A nurse educator
  • A nurse administrator
  • An advanced nurse practitioner
  • A clinical nurse specialist
Getting a masters degree in nursing can make you an excellent candidate for nursing management positions, which entails being in charge of other medical professionals. In a hospital setting, you can move from direct care to running a unit or floor to even being the Director of Nursing.

Masters Degree in Education
Many teachers pursue an online masters degree in teaching or education to advance their careers. Elementary, middle and high school teachers can use a master’s degree to apply for an administrative position.

While you need at least a bachelor’s degree to teach children in primary school, you can educate adults in community colleges with a masters. Other positions you can get with a masters degree in education include the following:
  • A principal
  • A school administrator
  • A special education teacher
  • A school counselor
  • An educational coordinator
  • A corporate trainer
  • An educational consultant

A master’s degree in education does not mean you are stuck in a school for the rest of your career. For example, as an educational coordinator or director, you can work at facilities like a zoo, museum, aquarium or science center.

By obtaining this graduate degree, you can redirect your career into a field or environment you enjoy more. This is particularly beneficial if you are having a difficult time getting a job in early childhood education or one that pays enough to support your household.

Masters Degree in Social Work
You should pursue a master’s degree if you are interested in social work, as a bachelors degree in that field has very limited prospects. In fact, most online master degree programs for social work are “fast tracks,” which means that you can obtain your bachelors and masters at the same time. 

Jobs you can get with a masters degree in social work (MSW) include the following:
  • A medical social worker
  • A substance abuse counselor
  • A child welfare caseworker
  • A school social worker
  • A clinical mental health social work
Without a graduate degree, you will typically only find work as an aid or an assistant to a supervisor with a higher degree. Thus, your income potential will remain stagnant unless you return to school to further your career.

For instance, master’s degree graduates earn $13,000 or more a year on average than those with only a bachelor’s in social work. Similarly, MSW workers are more likely to be hired in hospitals and government agencies, which are where the highest-paid positions in the field are.

You will also need a master’s degree in social work if you plan to obtain a doctorate in the same field.

Masters Degree in Psychology
There is more than one type of master’s degree in psychology. Graduate students’ studies can focus on clinical, experimental and applied psychology. As a result, graduates can work for the government, health care and business industries.

Jobs you can get with a masters degree in psychology include the following:
  • A rehabilitation counselor
  • An employment counselor
  • A behavioral counselor
  • A child protection worker
  • A human resources manager
  • A market researcher
Like the MSW, there are more job opportunities for psychology graduates with a masters than those with only a bachelors. By means of example, graduates can be licensed therapists with a master’s degree in psychology but cannot with a lesser degree.

This is because graduate students complete supervised fieldwork. Undergraduate studies are limited to the theories and principles of therapy. A master’s degree in psychology is also a steppingstone towards obtaining a doctorate degree, which many students pursue later.

Import Information About Online Masters Degree Programs
While many schools offer online master’s degree programs, they may require students to complete some coursework or fieldwork in person. Likewise, you may be required to take licensing exams, such as the case in nursing and other health care fields.